Showgate and Heroine Shikkaku director Hanabusa Tsutomu collaborate for the live-action feature Tori Girl - トリガール!, based on the novel of Nakamura Kou. The comedy is about Yukina who enters a science university, fell for a senior student but became distracted with another young man whom she dislikes. The screenplay is written by Izumi Takahashi, known for his work in Runaway beat and Solanin. Tsuchiya Tao headlines the movie as Yukina, with Mamiya Shotaro and Takasugi Mahiro playing major roles.

What the Movie is all about: Based on the novel "Tori Garu!" by Kou Nakamura, the LA is about Yukina, a University freshman who fell in love with a senior student named Kei (Takasugi Mahiro). To get closer to him, Yukina joins the “human-powered flight” club and is then required to learn how to fly. A contest " "Tori Ningen Contest" was an opportunity to her to team up with Kei but was assigned to compete with another guy, Sakaba (Mamiya Shotaro). What could have been a romantic moment for the girl turned into something else? 

Highlights: Is the "sweet girl" role Tsuchiya Tao is known for over for the actress? It's about time that Miss Tsuchiya takes on something different. In Tori Girl, her character is that of someone energetic, proactive and can speak her mind. Reports have it that Director Hanabusa Tsutomu cast Tsuchiya for the role since she's the 'perfect fit' - there are scenes that require some physical 'effort' on the part of the actress, and some of those scenes were captured in the trailer below.



Trailer Impressions: It seems director Hanabusa was able to bring out the best from his actors - Tsuchiya Tao is - indeed - the perfect fit for Yukina. Mamiya Shotaro deserves the main role in movies! His excellent performance in NTV's Niche Sensei is highly recommended to those who love slapstick comedy. He was also a standout in Litchi Hikari Club. As the character who is challenging Yukina, his antics are well received as well.

I don't know why they would make Takasugi Mahiro a 'senior' but the glasses seem to work! Not much to say about Takasugi in the trailer but he's rockin the scene with new projects for himself, hence he's our first GenerationNEXT profile.




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