The video clip features Ryunosuke Kamiki as he explains his role in the movie, Kimi No Na Wa (Your Name). There are also portions where he mentioned Makoto Shinkai's previous anime - Five Centimeters Per Second, The Garden of Words. 

Kamiki was asked about his thoughts on the animator and replied:

Having seen his films in the past, I was wondering what he, who is talented to create such beautiful animations, would be like. When I met him in person, I saw his gentle and polite manners. He is precise with nuances that he would like to express, and I now respect him more for his smart and clever personality. [ source ]

The quote is from a separate interview, but he has the same reply to the question in the clip above. Plenty of scenes with the actor going on location. Certain portions also feature Shinkai at the Los Angeles Anime Expo as he goes on stage amidst rapturous applause.

Kamiki remains at the forefront of acting in Japan - aside from a "Rookie" won in the Japan Academy Prize, he is one of the few actors with a stronghold on both traditional acting and doing voices. Aside from Kimi no na Wa, he did the voice acting for the main characters in Mamoru Hosoda's Summer Wars and Studio Ghibli's The Secret World of Arrietty.