I'm not really sure how long this series will go - but there is so much to say about Japanese male idols that this series may run up to 12 parts. So be warned that some Idol fans may get offended by what I have to say, especially when it comes to Johnny and Associate's ongoing media challenge to censor photo taking - probably one of the most outdated practices in modern talent management, but also be aware that the series will concentrate on how some of the talents of this massively invested, often buzzed talent agency performed in some very critical movie roles and TV doramas to date.

I get it that most of them are not really actors in the sense that Satoshi Tsumabuki, Yuya Yagira or Shota Sometani are - but there are some amazing Johnny's talents that obviously need to be talked about.

This is the last part of our 'What's up with the Kentos?' series, and it's all about the future. [ As a recap, Part 1 is all about Kento Nagayama and Kento Kaku, while Part 2 puts the spotlight on Kento Hayashi and Kento Yamazaki. ]

Japanese actors rely heavily on their talent agencies to provide direction to their careers - what sort of roles they can do, on what particular genre they can shine and which productions they can be a part of. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most of what they can do depend on their manager. 

At this moment, Kento Yamazaki is reported to be 'up next.' It means he's in the spotlight. After playing intense dramatic roles in movies such as Control Tower and The Wings of the Kirin, most of his recent movies are rom-com, including the upcoming Heroine Shikkaku with Mirei Kiritani. He is also part of the latest asadora "Mare" together with Tao Tsuchiya and most of the young actors featured in morning dramas tend to get more castings right after.

Among the Kentos, he has the most exciting career now, while Kento Kaku seems to be enjoying a resurgence of sorts. Hayashi and Nagayama continue to find notable roles, but it appears to be limited to supporting ones.

I had an interesting discussion about Masaki Suda on Twitter about what sort of roles he may find challenging - since he's been doing such a variety already - that playing a cross-dresser or a bully - seem so easy to do! Some may argue about our assessment that Masaki Suda is one of Japan's best young actors at the moment - in the same league as Shota Sometani, Yuya Yagira, and Sosuke Ikematsu.

The three young actors we've mentioned have been getting a lot of attention lately - Sometani with high profile movies like Parasyte and Strayer's Chronicles, Ikematsu portraying matured roles in Paper Moon and Love's Whirpool, while Yuya Yagira goes all-out in Crows Explode, Ushijima, the Loan Shark and Again. Of course, one may argue, Suda needs to get more challenging roles to be in the same league as Sometani, et al. - perhaps another Tomogui?

Kento Hayashi and Kento Yamazaki represent different generations of Japanese actors - Hayashi started out earlier, and has been one of the leads in the coming of age movie Dive! (together with Sosuke Ikematsu and Junpei Mizobata), while Yamazaki started with some notable dramatic roles in such films as Control Tower, The Wings of the Kirin and Another (with Ai Hashimoto). [ As recap, Part 1 is all about Kento Nagayama and Kento Kaku]

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Kento Hayashi (b. Dec 1990) As of today, Kento Hayashi has accomplished a well-rounded acting resume that includes the usual youth-oriented movies - he was Takumi Harada, the baseball ace in the movie adaptation of The Battery and as the aspiring diver who aims to become an Olympic champion in Dive! But it was in the 2010 movie Parade, where he plays a gay prostitute that made a big buzz for him. The ensemble cast that includes Keisuke Koide, Karina and Tatsuya Fujiwara were able to play their characters convincingly, but it was Hayashi who made the biggest impact.

According to one statistics, the name Kento is ranked #18 as a popular name choice in Japan. Yuki, Takumi, and Shota were more famous. In the Japanese movie-drama scene, the name Kento is obviously quite known.

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While there are many other actors with the Kento name (good example might be Kento Nakajima), we will focus on four - Kento Nagayama (Eita's younger bro), Kento Hayashi (quite popular and acclaimed for Dive! Parade and Blazing Famiglia), Kento Yamazaki (one of today's toasts of the girl-fan community) and Kento Kaku (maybe considered the group's senior and is coming up with a resurgence in his career).

How they started acting, what are some of their best roles and what the future holds? Who is the best? Who will be the best in the future? Let's find out!