It took me a bit of time to write Part 3 of this hitlist - the Tori Matsuzaka spotlight is getting some amazing link love and discussions; and hopefully Tori himself will get well soon! He has Gatchaman to promote and a new taiga drama series. Why I mention him is because he's part of our hitlist (Part 2 to be exact) and the actors in this part share the same awesome fashion and style sense as him, though they are his seniors in the acting field.

What we have here are three actors who have made their mark on Japanese television - Eita is certainly the most popular among the three, with a lot of new drama shows (circa 2010-2013), while Hayami Mokomichi just got back into the spotlight with two new drama; Osamu Mukai has done quite a number of new movies himself - but also some good dramas to boost his ranking as a reliable and ratings attraction.

More of them and why they have cool fashion sense - via clips and photos - after the jump!

Eita: Definitely one of the best dramatic talents in Japan today, with a slew of drama shows and movie hits. Better known simply as Eita, I've seen him wear simple clothes as well as outrageously colorful ones - in the movies of course! But he is also quite popular in magazine photo shoots, not to mention his signature hair!

I really remember very well that poignant and tragic scene in Miike's Harakiri: Death of a Samurai, and it so happens he is paired with Hikari Mitsushima, the same awesome actress he shared top billing in the acclaimed drama Soredemo, Ikite Yuku. It was not long time ago when he used to play supporting roles for the likes of Satoshi Tsumabuki (Orange Days and Dororo, among others). Now, he is one of the undisputed drama kings!

Take a look at one of his more recent movies which were also made into a drama series (together with the awesome Ryuhei Matsuda), Mahoro Ekimae Tada Benriken.

He also sported some 'rock and roll' fashion in the movie version of Lucky Seven and wear geeky-nerdy ones in Train Brain Express (with Kenichi Matsuyama), and as you can see from the mini gallery we set up, he has done some great modeling gigs too!

Osamu Mukai: Speaking of link love and hits, you can imagine how much we appreciate the people who read our Osamu Mukai profile (94,000+ hits and counting), but that's to be expected since the guy has done lots of great shows and movies - Paradise Kiss is not his best movie but he got lots of media mileage because of it.

You need to see him in I Have To Buy New Shoes to appreciate his intensity as an actor - the kind of subtle acting reminiscent of Ethan Hawke in those Before Sunset-Before Sunrise-Before Midnight romantic drama films with Julie Delpy.

Japanese actors love to wear hats, and Mukai is no exception. He is extremely good looking wearing them anyway (just see photo above). But as you maybe aware, it is not enough to look good to sustain an acting career, unless you do the singing and dancing and emceeing as idols do. Aside from the movies above, watch him in Kaibutsu (Monster) to see how much he has grown as an actor.

Hayami Mokomichi: The half-Japanese, half-Filipino actor has a lot to improve when it comes to delivering a convincing performance, but no one can argue that he brings in the hotness on the TV screen, coupled with the fact that he has his own unique fashion style. He is part of the Gunshi Kanbee taiga drama for NHK and Jun and Ai also from the same TV network - with the historical drama getting a 2014 release date.

He made a splash (literally and figuratively) in Rough opposite Masami Nagasawa but it was "rough" unpolished acting to say the least. Acting besides Hiro Mizushima and Saki Aibu in Absolute Boyfriend may not be everybody's favorite but they did manage to bring decent ratings for the show.

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Part one [ featuring Joe Odagiri, Shota Matsuda, and Gou Ayano ] and  Part Two [ Shohei Miura, Tori Matsuzaka and Masahiro Higashide ].

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