I don't see the relevance when you say Yu Aoi's last lead character in a film "One Million Yen and the Nigamushi Woman.” was seven years ago.

I mean, she has been stealing scenes and captivating audiences year in, year out - Shining Boy and Little Randy (2005), Mushishi (2006), Hula Girls (2006), The Lightning Tree (2010), About Her Brother (2010), Rurouni Kenshin (2012), Penance (2012), Tokyo Family (2013) and the two more recent Rurouni Kenshin sequels.

Even in TV series Mozu and Wakamono Tachi, Aoi has consistently maintained her screen presence that it's almost as if we know her personally.

From the moment I watch Aoi as a young girl learning the hula (Hula Girls) to the time, she plays a female tenko (The Lightning Tree) to playing Tsumabuki's girlfriend in Tokyo Family (among others), I am already one of her captive audience. In 2016, she is already cast in 3 full-length films - Over The Fence (with Odagiri and Shota Matsuda), It's Tough Being in a Family and this film: Azumi Haruko wa Yukuefumei (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明).

Haruko Azumi (Yu Aoi) is a 28-years-old woman. She is single and works at an office. One day, she suddenly disappeared on a typical street with retail stores lined up. After her disappearance, parody scribbles of her missing poster spreads.

Aoi herself just turned 30 years old, and as they say, never ask a woman about her age!

It's no secret that Miss Aoi is one of our favorite Japanese actresses, so this film is not only much-anticipated, but we're on the look out for any bits of news. 

The multi-talented Daigo Mitsui has been credited as both director, scriptwriter, and actor - and this is Mitsui's sixth full-length film, after Afro Tanaka (Shota Matsuda) and Sweet Poolside, among others. 

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