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Toma Ikuta was not able to convince film critics when he played the nihilistic and drug addict budding artist named Yozo Oba in Fallen Angel (Ningen Shikkaku). This time, he is aiming to play a serial killer, and hopefully convince critics that he can show his 'dark side' and be convincing enough to warrant recognition. He's to play the lead in No Otoko (Brain Man) expected to be released next year.


Reports TokyoHive:

This role will mark the first dark hero in Ikuta’s career. He commented, “It’s a new challenge for me and I want to go all out for this movie.

As there will also be a lot of action scenes, Ikuta prepared himself by practicing kalis (a Filipino sword) and Jeet Kune Do for almost half a year since January, proving that his ambitions are more than just nice sounding statements in news articles.

He added, “One of the highlights of the movie are the impressive and very realistic action scenes.” [ read more ]

I hope Toma will be able to deliver the goods this time. Just like Yamapi who trained very hard for his boxing scenes in Ashita No Joe, Toma is expected to do intensive training for the movie's action scenes.


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