We're coming up with the 2017 edition of the hottest Japanese actors and actresses list, but how about those who are yet to be celebrated by fans and the public? What makes them the next big stars that will take the leading roles in upcoming live-action movies and dramas? 

Up and coming Japanese Actors - Top 20

From Watanabe Ken, Asano Tadanobu, Odagiri Joe to Tsumabuki Satoshi, Oguri Shun, Eita and Kora Kengo, Japan's leading men, and box office draws has run in a full circle. Now we have Sato Takeru, with Yamazaki Kento, Yamada Ryosuke, and Fukushi Sota taking on leading roles. 

... and here they are! 

Masaki Ryeia

Narita Ryo

Ryusei Ryo

Hayama Shono

Koseki Yuta

Sato Kanta


Sakurada Dori

 Sakaguchi Kentaro

Asuka Kudo

Definitely, there is no one age 30 or older included on the list. The names you'll be seeing here will also get individual profile pages that detail their acting career, recommended movies/dramas to watch (for those who are yet to discover them), 'fast facts', official social media accounts, and interview quotes and interesting links.

Horii Arata

Kitamura Takumi

Takeuchi Ryoma

Okayama Amane

Arata Mackenyu

 Suga Kenta

 Takasugi Mahiro

 Nakagawa Taishi

 Shimizu Hiroya

Murakami Nijiro

The names above are not all-inclusive, there are many more names who will be on the spotlight and who may get leading role casting in the near future. Such names may include Morinaga Yuki, Kuroba Mario, Anzai Shintaro, Yamada James Takeshi and many more.

How about you? Do you know a Japanese actor who is leading role material? Let us know what you think!


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