So Death Note: Light Up the New World failed to maintain #1 after a week. I guess, there is less light than darkness perhaps? Or is it because Makoto Shinkai's Your Name (Kimi no na Wa) is just too good for second place? 

I have not read any reactions yet from Japanese film critics, but a review @Yahoo by Marcus Goh gave the film 3.5 out of 5:

“Death Note: Light Up the New World” is probably one of the most anticipated live-action manga adaptations this year, especially since it’s the continuation of an insanely popular series ten years ago. It leverages on the nostalgia of the original “Death Note” but adds a few new twists and updates, mainly to the level of technology, to account for how it interacts with the titular Death Notes. It’s more of the same but lacks the spark that made the original so fascinating. [ source ]

Mr. Goh added that there is a strange relationship (a bromance) between Sosuke Ikematsu and Masahiro Higashide characters.

Ryuzaki (Sosuke Ikematsu) feels like an exaggerated, pretentious version of L, but there’s no denying the weird chemistry he has with Mishima (Masahiro Higashide). The pair doesn't hit it off and, in fact, rarely get along for most of the film. There's this glimmer of friendship between the pair which, in hindsight, feels very much like a mentor-mentee relationship. It’s an element not seen in previous “Death Note” films, and gives “Death Note: Light Up the New World” it’s own unique flavor. [ read more ]


I would still want to watch it for the presumed acting showdowns, but I never expected highly of it in the first place. I question the 'logic' of it all from the beginning. There is similar feedback on Twitter from a friend.

Shinkai's latest anime is also being speculated to be up for Oscar consideration.


I'd love to see Ryunosuke Kamiki and Kanata Hongo together again. Will it happen sooner than later? We'll see. The previous poll I posted put them as #1 choice, with Masaki Suda vs. Kento Yamazaki a distant second. 


South Korean network JTBC will launch a remake of the Miyuki Miyabe novel "Solomon no Gisho" slated for December of this year. A two-part Japanese movie from Shochiku was released last year starring newcomer Ryoko Fujino, with Haru Kuroki and Machiko Ono playing vital supporting roles.

I have no idea about the actors playing the central roles, but in the Japanese movies, Ryoko Fujino was good, and so were the young actors who played the other main characters - Hiroya Shimizu, Anna Ishii, Mizuki Itagaki and Miu Tomita. I would speculate that they will change the story to suit Korean's tastes.

Youtube videos above show the trailers for both Solomon Perjury movies.


I was ecstatic when I heard the casting news that Hana Sugisaki will play a major role in the upcoming live-action Blade of the Immortal with Takuya Kimura in the lead role. Further casting news also puts Sota Fukushi and many other character actors.

DoramaWorld translated the casting news from below:

As this is the first time that Sugisaki is appearing in a Miike movie, she expressed her respect for the director, cast, and crew who worked well with one another and tried to make the atmosphere on set very comfortable, so she tried her best to do well for this role. When asked to comment about her character, Sugisaki said that Rin is a person who is both weak and strong. On her own, she can't do anything, but she hates to lose so tries her best to do everything. Although she was feeling worried about playing Rin in the movie, she was able to make things work by trusting her co-star Kimura to help her along the way.

When asked why Sugisaki was chosen for the role, the executive producer Koiwai Hiroyoshi explained that they had to find someone who is somewhere between a young girl and an adult woman since Rin has to be someone who Manji would want to protect and yet she has some feelings of admiration for him. Also, they wanted someone who could act well, so they decided on Sugisaki after watching some of her past works. [ read more ]

I'm not sure when Ken-on will come to its senses and realize that they need to train Sota Fukushi first before giving him more acting projects. 


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