In our interview with director Eisuke Naito, he explained: 

When I saw “Litchi Hikari Club” on the stage, most females in the audience were really enjoying boy’s love (BL) scenes. So I am sure that they want to see BL scenes on the big screen too. So, I tried to shoot a film that they will be happy with. “Boy’s love” is popular and a completely established genre here in Japan and there are lots of manga about the theme. On the other hand, Japanese audience can react quite negatively to violence. Usually, we don’t enjoy violent scenes like American audience. Some people take violence too seriously and that might be considered as being conservative. I added a few scenes to say “You can laugh!” to mix up with the violence. 

There were, at least, 8 new photos from the movie that showcase some of the highlights of Litchi Hikari Club [ read film review here ] - the mechanical robot, the first captive girl, and the relationships between the members of the club, in particular Zera, Tamiya and Jaibo.

Without revealing too much about the photos released, let me just describe what's happening:

(1) Zera (Furukawa) and Jaibo (Shotaro Mamiya) have some incredibly intimate scenes in the movie (read: more than one) showcasing the BL side, as described by the filmmaker himself.

(2) As shown in the photo above (cover), Tamiya (Nomura) opposes the dictatorial leadership of Zera (and they had some arguments) though he seems to be enjoining and following Zera's orders, his close companions in the club (Dafu - Reiya Masaki and Kaneda - Kisetsu Fujiwara) had a talk outside reminiscing of the past when the club is not as 'intense' as it is now;

(3) Kanon (or Girl #1) played by Ayami Nakajo pretends that she is unconscious, as Zera approached her and asked her to be the queen of the club. Kanon dislikes Zera and associates herself with Tamiya and the mechanical robot;

(4) Dafu (Masaki) and Kaneda (Fujiwara) were 'sacrificed';

(5) The mechanical robot is fueled by the lychee fruit and follows the orders of Zera to capture 'victims', but if she looks pretty enough, she'll remain alive. I'm particularly impressed with the way the robot 'acted', as if it has a consciousness. I asked the director about it, and he mentioned that:

It touches our hearts since it has the pureness we have lost in our humanity.

Shuhei Nomura's understated acting is complemented with Furukawa's ambivalent, fiery performance. Shotaro Mamiya steals some of the scenes, especially during his 'close' encounters with Furukawa.

Yuki's Itazura na Kiss fans will be shocked at the extent of their relationship. I'm pretty sure, those who have watched the Litchi Hikari Club play are already aware of the intimate scenes I'm hinting about, but then again, this is the live action adaptation - and created by a filmmaker known for his reputation to produce quality horror-thriller movies.

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