I stand corrected when I say Sosuke Ikematsu has two upcoming high-profile movies. In fact, there are more new projects for this fantastic young actor than some of his more 'famous' contemporaries. Adding more glam and spice to the new movie - a love affair between a young University student and a much-matured lady - is the actress chosen to play the role: Rie Miyazawa. If you've seen The Twilight Samurai, then you know who she is. Apparently, her popularity in Japan goes back many years - when she was both a fashion model and a highly-sought young actress.

Sosuke Ikematsu + Rie Miyazawa in Pale Moon

Entitled Paper Moon (Kami no Tsuki), the new movie will showcase a sizzling love affair between Ikematsu and Miyazawa who will be working in a film for the first time. Due to their relationship, Miyazawa's character was forced to embezzle money from the bank she is working for to support their expensive lifestyle.

Says DoramaWorld:

The movie which is based on Naoki Award winner Kakuta Mitsuyo's novel will be Miyazawa's first leading role in a movie in 7 years and her first collaboration with Ikematsu. [ read more ]

It gets tiring to see movies and shows that recycle the age-old plot of Amnesia and Leukemia. So an illicit affair between a young man and a much-older woman would be rather refreshing. The fact that it stars exceptional talents is more than enough to whet our collective appetite!

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