The 90th edition of the Kinema Junpo awards is announced with some very interesting results! Considered as one of the most prestigious film awards in Japan, Kinema Junpo was founded by a group of four students, including Saburō Tanaka, at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. It was the oldest Japanese film magazine established in 1919 and known for the Kinema Junpo Top 10.

Kinema Junpo Awards - In This Corner of the World - Best Picture of 2016

For the 90th anniversary, KineJun announces their Top 10 Japanese movies of 2016:

In This Corner of the World

Shin Godzilla


Destruction Babies

Long Excuse

The Bride of Rip Van Winkle

Her Love Boils Bath Water


Over the Fence


Major acting awards after the jump!

Kinema Junpo - Destruction Babies - Best Actor Yuya Yagira, Rookies of the Year Nana Komatsu, Nijiro Murakami

Kinema Junpo - Her Love Boils Bathwater - Rie Miyazawa (Best Actress), Hana Sugisaki (Best Supporting Actress)

Best Actress - Rie Miyazawa (Her Love Boils Bath Water)

Best Actor - Yuya Yagira (Destruction Babies)

Best Supporting Actress - Hana Sugisaki (Her Love Boils Bath Water)

Best Supporting Actor - Pistol Takehara (The Long Excuse)

Rookie of the Year - Nana Komatsu

Rookie of the Year - Nijiro Murakami

Best Director - Sunao Katabuchi (In This Corner of the World)

Best Screenplay - Hideaki Anno (Shin Godzilla)

Interesting enough, Makoto Shinkai's Your Name is not part of the Top 10, where it appears in some Western film bloggers choice as Best Picture of the Year (including this author). But pleasantly surprised to see Destruction Babies making an impressive appearance at #4. 

Major actor awards go to said Tetsuya Mariko film, which has been described as "the most extreme 108 minutes in Japanese movie history". Yuya Yagira wins Best Actor while co-stars Nana Komatsu, who plays a club hostess and Nijiro Murakami, who is Yagira's younger brother in the film win the Rookie of the Year awards.

Her Love Boils Bath Water lead actors Rie Miyazawa and Hana Sugisaki take home the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress trophies for playing mother-daughter in the film.

In This Corner of the World is

... set in the 1930s-1940s in Hiroshima and Kure in Japan, roughly 10 years before and after the atomic bomb, but mainly in 1944-45. In the film, the nature and the traditional culture in Japan are clearly described and contrasted with the cruel and irredeemable scenes brought by the war. This is a fiction but, the episodes and background of the story are based on the facts and the real incidents, researched by the production staffs. In the film, the lost townscape of prewar Hiroshima, damaged by the atomic bombing in Hiroshima, is accurately revived in the scenes, following the old photos, the documents and the memories of the living people.

I have not seen the anime yet, but the theme of war and destruction contrasted with nature and Japanese tradition is an open invitation for a film that was produced with the help of crowdfunding. It was reported that it raised more than 30 million yen.

Mipo O's The Light Shines Only There and Ryōsuke Hashiguchi's Three Stories of Love won Best Picture in 2014 and 2015 respectively.


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