Takeru Sato and Ryunosuke Kamiki who played roles together in Bakuman and the Kenshin trilogy are once again in the news - as they headline our casting buzz! Acclaimed child actor-performer turned matured young actor Sosuke Ikematsu also grabs the headlines!

I think I've said it many times, it takes a lot of talent to be awesome in both drama and comedy. Ryunosuke Kamiki, through the years, has developed his acting style and can do both types of roles with relative ease. In his latest movie, with Tomoya Nagase and Aoi Morikawa, Kamiki plays a young student who went to hell and meet a rock and roll hell 'god'. 

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Fresh from the success of his historical drama, The Emperor's Chef, and the box office numbers garnered by Bakuman, Takeru Sato takes on another role - this time, he's playing a postman who suffers from a terminal illness. The video above offers some dramatic scenes that also features co-star Aoi Miyazaki.

Noted for his amazing transition from playing teen roles to matured adult characters, Sosuke Ikematsu is back on TV, together with Shinobu Terajima in a 6-episode drama entitled "City of Betrayal". He's reported to be playing the role of a young guy who is having a serious relationship with an older woman, played by Terajima. The veteran character actress is one of Japan's most consistent acting talents and a lot of her roles remain memorable and distinct. Terajima was so good in Erika Sawajiri's Helter Skelter, that I looked for a lot of her movies and she's just incredible. 

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