Kat-Tun's Livejournal community recently announced the latest casting news featuring Kamenashi Kazuya. The movie will be called "It's me, It's me" (Ore, Ore). It is based on Tomoyuki Hoshino's bestselling novel of the same title.

Here's the juice:

Kame has landed the leading role in the movie Ore Ore (It's Me, It's Me) whose release date is planned for next spring. He plays the main role, Nagano Hitoshi, who works in a consumer electronics volume seller. Kame's character picks up the phone of an unknown man and does an "ore ore sagi." (Oreore sagi - "me me fraud"; literally. The fraud is the kind of telephone fraud.) Then the day after, a man (Daiki? not sure of kanji reading) with "ore" same face appears, then also another "ore" called Nao appears. Then day after day, the unknown "ore"s multiplies until, starting from an incident caused by Nao, the "deletion" of the many "ore"s starts, and an image with a killed ore is sent to the main character's place.

"The highlight is Kamenashi's cosplay. To show the world that will become "ORE," without minding age or gender, he'll cover 25 characters, from big breast to afro, tattoos all over the body, career woman, high school student." [ source ]


Kazuya has this quiet intensity as an actor; it's like hot spring water brewing on the surface and ready to explode anytime. Such passion makes him suited for roles that are psychologically challenged.

I think the producers of this film made the right choice in having him play the title role. His work in Gokusen made me realize just how talented he is. This movie will provide the launchpad for future acting endeavors.

The director and scriptwriter have made known his admiration of the actor:

"My first impression of Kamenashi was that he has a very high ability to grasp the situation and atmosphere. His analysis of the script and ability to understand what is being expected from him; as well as his cleverness in being able to deliver to meet those expectations, he has all these capabilities."

"As the production process carries on, I am starting to think that there is no one else who can handle this incomprehensible role except Kamenashi" [ source ]>>

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I'm pretty excited about the casting news that Kento Hayashi will join the cast of Takashi Miike’s upcoming psychological thriller, Aku no Kyoten (Lesson of the Evil). Hideaki Ito plays the title role, and the film also stars the two recent winners of the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the 68th Venice Film Festival, Shota Sometani, and Fumi Nikaido. 

Other actors to complete the casting are Takayuki Yamada and Erina Mizuno.

According to Nippon Cinema:

“Aku no Kyoten” will star Hideaki Ito, who typically plays heroic characters, as an evil teacher named Seiji Hasumi who murders his students to make his life easier.
The roles of the four new cast additions have also all been revealed. Nikaido will play Reika Katagiri, a student who quickly becomes suspicious of Hasumi. Sometani will play Keisuke Hayami, who Reika suspects of being the ringleader of the cheaters in school. Hayashi will play Masahiko Maejima, a gay co-worker of Hasumi. And finally, Yamada will play Tetsuro Shibahara, a physical education teacher who sexually harasses a student. [ read more ]

I'm quite impressed with Kento Hayashi's acting. He's very versatile and such an appealing young actor. I hope there will be plenty of scenes where they can shine. Both Sometani and Kento are future acting giants in Japanese cinema. I'm looking forward to seeing them in this movie soon!

I believed this is the second time for Hayashi to play a gay role. He was excellent in Parade, where he played a similar character. 

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