Finally a live action movie for Samurai X. For those in the know, don't criticize me for calling the manga Samurai X. I know that there was some confusion as to why it was called as such in the US. The 'authentic' title of the manga is Rurouni Kenshin.

The much beloved adventure story of Himura Kenshin has undergone many adaptations in various media and finally come August 25, the live action version will hit Japan and definitely a few months (or weeks, hopefully) in other parts of Asia and mainland USA. 

Backgrounder: Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story also known as Rurouni Kenshin and Samurai X, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The fictional setting takes place during the early Meiji period in Japan. The story is about a fictional assassin named Himura Kenshin, from the Bakumatsu who becomes a wanderer to protect the people of Japan. Watsuki wrote this series upon his desire of making a shōnen manga different from the other ones that were published in that time, with Kenshin being a former assassin and the story taking a more serious tone as it continued. Although the tragic tone was highly expanded as the manga advanced, Watsuki became determined to give it a happy ending as it was aimed at teenagers.

Takeru Sato is Himura Kenshin aka Samurai X

Casting News: 22-year-old actor Takeru Satoh (Kamen Rider Den-O, Rookies, Beck, Ryōmaden) will star in a live-action film adaptation of Nobuhiro Watsuki's Rurouni Kenshin samurai manga next year. Keishi Ōtomo will direct Satoh on this new film, just as he did in last year's NHK historical television series Ryōmaden. Warner Brothers Pictures Japan is producing with its president William Ireton, while Studio Swan (Paradise Kiss) is in charge of the actual film production.

The Sankei Sports newspaper adds that the staff aims to release the film internationally and eventually make a series. This will be the first live-action adaptation of the manga.
Producer Shinzō Matsuhashi commented,

Satoh has the looks and stature to be a proper Kenshin.

Watsuki added that when this project was just starting, he and his wife were discussing who should play Kenshin, and decided that Satoh topped the list.
Satoh himself said that he was a huge fan of the original manga when he was in elementary school and when the manga was still running.

It was the manga that everyone in my generation knew.

He added that he and his friends would play around by pretending to sword-fight. Satoh began intensive training in sword-fighting earlier this month, and filming will begin in July. [ source ]

Keishi Ōtomo will direct Satoh on this new film, just as he did in last year's NHK historical television series Ryōmaden. Ōtomo said, "Takei is going to be a big-name actress, without a doubt. She has an innocent-looking face, but she is determined in her work." Ōtomo also noted that he could not think of any other actress who is Kaoru's age at the beginning of the story (17 years old) who can tackle the role. [ source ]

Are you excited about this upcoming movie? Are you a fan of Takeru Sato or Emi Takei? Let us know what you think!

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