Takahiro Nishijima


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: 西島隆弘 (にしじま たかひろ)
  • Date of Birth: 30, Sep 1986
  • Residence: Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
  • Height: 170cm


More commonly known as Nissy, Nishijima is first of all one of the main male vocalists of Avex' co-ed pop group AAA (Triple A/Attack All Around). The group's known for their incredible live shows, and solid performances; and possibly the fact they're always doing something. While the group's been around since 2005, its members haven't really sit still since. As some members spend their time off traveling, others use it to build up their own solo careers. Nissy himself, he doesn’t seem to be satisfied with just one thing.

“My dream when I was in elementary school was to become a magician.
I want to do everything that will make everyone happy.”

Nishijima first started acting when AAA had barely even taken off. At the age of 20 he got the lead role in a drama series called Delicious Gakuin for which the group’s 14th single, the double A-side Kuchibiru Kara Romantica/That's Right, was used as a tie-in. Think Shokugeki no Soma, but then in a live action form. While the drama itself never really got into the spotlight, it perfectly showed the quirky nature of the singer-turned-actor and gave us a clue about possible future endeavors. As a natural entertainer it wasn’t much of a surprise that, though still inexperienced at the time, Nishijima was given a chance to learn acting through stage plays. First on the list was the group’s own Theather of AAA ~Bokura no Te~ which debuted in 2006. It was followed by a variety of projects totaling to a series of 10 stage play casts in-between 2006 and 2012.

His first non-stage project came sooner than expected as Nishijima ended up being cast as the lead for Sion Sono’s 2009 movie Ai no Mukidashi, more known under its English name Love Exposure. The nearly four hour lasting movie was said to be an “epic tale of love, family and religion”, but after its release it was made clear that it broke all boundaries between genres, and if you’d not pay attention for even a little bit you’d suddenly be catapulted into a whole different movie. Nishijima got a lot of praise as well as a few awards for the role while the movie itself went on to do the same as its cast. The release of the Ai no Mukidashi also saw the entertainer’s return to theatre a few years later as renowned director Ninagawa Yukio had gotten interested in Nishijima’s skills, inviting him to be a part of his next project Shitayamanenchou Monogatari.

With another drama lead in the NHK series Ghost Friends, a movie lead in Soup Opera, as well as a small part in Sayonara Itsuka along fellow member Hidaka (SKY-HI) and a guest-role in Gakeppuchi no Eri, Nishijima’s acting career just kept on growing. Through the course of 2010 he didn’t only take part in various acting projects, but also had multiple single releases of his group AAA, in addition to a full length album recording. If that wasn’t enough to keep himself busy yet, then a 26-dates nationwide tour from March to May together with a couple of summer shows and a fifth anniversary live in September probably would have added to that. One of his roles that year, Hino Tetsuya in Tumbling, also required additional training and practice, making sure that he was able to join the rest of the cast in their many different tumbling performances.

While 2011 brought with it roles in TV-dramas Tare Yori mo Kimi wo Aisu and Diplomat Kuroda Kousaku, it was in 2012 that Nishijima showed a variety of different sides. Next to his few theatre roles and a lead in the movie Signal ~Getsuyobi no Ruka~, the participation in that year’s Taira drama, Taira no Kiyomori, was without a doubt the biggest achievement. A few attentive viewers might have even spot him as an extra in Himizu, another Sion Sono movie, where he had a cameo as a street performer.

After one last role in 2013’s Taiyo no Wana, the entertainer fully returned to his first love and main focus: music. It was the same year that rumors of a solo career started popping up here and there though it wasn’t till late 2014 it actually happened. Through the release of a music video Nishijima officially debuted as a solo artist under his nickname Nissy. In the vein of a true entertainer Doushiyouka? became the start of a series of video projects that are all linked to each other through Nishijima’s magician character, one he created off of his childhood dream of being such a performer. After six different MVs incorporating this same idea, the finale came through the release of his first full length album earlier this year, fittingly titled HOCUS POCUS.

Alongside the release of his first ever solo album, Nishijima came back to the little screen to take part in one of this year’s Getsu9 drama series, Itsuka Kono Koi wo Omoidashite Kitto Naite Shimau, ItsuKoi for short. For his role as Ibuki Asahi, Nishijima received the 3rd Confidence ‘Rookie of the Year’ award. He jokingly mentioned that he was surprised receiving a rookie award in the same year as his 10th debut anniversary, but was very thankful he’d been able to be a part of the production.

“Seeing and feeling the things I’ve never seen before,
and understanding the things that I want to know about…
I want to live like this.”

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