Gintama is a popular shounen manga that features the adventures of Sakata Gintoki and his makeshift family (Shimura Shinpachi and Kagura). The story is set in a parallel universe, in the Edo period. After an alien race called the Amantos invaded earth, humans waged war with them before the Shogunate decided to make peace. Under the Shogunate, the Shinsengumi work to maintain civilian order, thereby also inevitably becoming involved in the various troubles and adventures that Gintoki and his team are embroiled in.

Gintama - Movie Review

The love-hate relationship between the Shinsengumi and Gintoki is due to Gintoki’s past (which is not covered much in this film) and Gintoki’s missions against criminals, though they tend to ally with him due to the nature of his jobs. Several characters who were involved in Gintoki’s past, such as Katsura Kotarou and Takasugi Shinsuke, also make an appearance, but while Katsura maintains friendly relations with Gintoki, Takasugi aims to destroy the Shogunate.

Little Forest: Winter & Spring is the final installment of Igarashi Daisuke's manga about a young woman named Ichiko, who left the big city to settle down in her small hometown up in the mountains. Written and directed by Mori Junichi, it stars Hashimoto Ai in the title role, with Matsuoka Mayu, Miura Takahiro, and Kirishima Karen portraying supporting characters. 

LIttle Forest - Winter and Spring - review

The tale of this young woman as she adjusts to the different seasons while preparing her own dishes is a delightful viewing experience. The 2-part movie features postcard-perfect scenes of nature in the Japanese countryside.

Shochiku's A Tale of Samurai Cooking from director Asahara Yuzo (ably assisted by Inoue Masanori) mixes the celebration of Japanese food with political intrigues during the Edo period within the Kaga domain. Ruled by the prosperous and powerful Maeda clan, the movie brings to life the Funaki family and their invaluable services by way of cooking.

Bushi no Kondate - review

The film's title in Japanese is 武士の献立 - literal translation puts it as Warrior's Menu and A Tale of True Love and the movie is both. Starring Ueto Aya as Haru and Kora Kengo as Yasunobu, they play a couple brought together by 'delicious circumstances'.

Based on the popular manga series "Little Forest" written & illustrated by Igarashi Daisuke, Little Forest: Summer and Autumn is the first installment of the 2-part live-action adaptation written and directed by Mori Junichi. Starring Hashimoto Ai in the title role of Ichiko, it tells the tale of a young woman who left the big city to settle back in her small hometown Komori, located on a mountain in the Tohoku region. It may be a temporary transfer for Ichiko, as she lives with nature while trying to reflect on certain life events that led to her hometown journey.

Little Forest: Summer & Autumn - Review

The town's name Komori is translated to 'little forest', Ichiko explains. She notes further the humidity since it's located at the bottom of a mountain basin, thus there is a damp and sweltering heat during summer. As the title suggests, it covers both summer and autumn, with each season featuring dishes prepared by Ichiko using local ingredients. As each dish is prepared, Ichiko also reveals a bit of herself.

Lowlife Love -下衆の愛, produced by Adam Torel's Third Window Films, written and directed by Uchida Eiji, tells the story of an indie filmmaker - Tetsuo (Shibukawa Kiyohiko) - who refuses to compromise his artistic integrity and submit to the commercialization of his craft. After producing a minor hit a few years back, he struggles with his personal life and career until an upcoming actress, Minami (Okano Maya) and a promising scriptwriter, Ken (Oshinari Shugo) enter the scene.

Lowlife Love- review

Shy and naive but determined, Minami travels to the city to realize her dreams of becoming an actress. At Tetsuo's acting school, she met Ken, who wrote a script that could be the launching pad for her career. During the audition, Tetsuo became excited with Minami's prospect as a dramatic actress and considers Ken's script to be his ticket to acclaim and return to form. Seeking financial support from an unscrupulous producer Kida (Denden), Tetsuo assembles his cast and crew to start the biggest project of his career.