On May 19, Ryunosuke Kamiki [ 神木隆之介 (かみき りゅうのすけ) ] will be celebrating his 23rd birthday. Being one of Psychodrama's favorite young actors, we are planning to launch a series of articles celebrating his acting career - presenting some serious (and hopefully funny, even hilarious) articles centered on his movie and drama characters.

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To initiate the celebration [ we have 12 days to go ] please join in the poll {our second for the week) about the young actor's movies and drama series, with some surprise questions on the side!

He is tall and handsome
With a sing-song voice that silences birds
When he calls my name, I will always come
To describe his looks, there are hardly words - By Zoe-22-Turner

"It's that fire from within that might ignite any second" kinda acting. [First entry on Hiroya Shimizu @PsychoDrama]

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I have never been impressed with someone as much as I have been in awe with Hiroya Shimizu. 

I mean, Nijiro Murakami was excellent in Anohana, and made a big splash in Angel's Knife, while Shimizu got killed way too early in that under-rated, under-promoted WOWOW drama, but still - Hiroya can show two different faces - a bullied youth in The World of Kanako and a violent "misunderstood" bully in Solomon's Perjury. 

Can anyone else do both roles with the same integrity and impact?

PsychoDrama tagged him as future JDrama Prince, right after Yuki Furukawa. But it seems Taishi Nakagawa has exceeded even our expectations. We first featured Nakagawa 2 years ago while he's making waves in Yakou Kanransha | 夜行観覧車 (NTV/ 2013). 

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While Yuki Furukawa looks like a 16-year-old young boy (but is actually 26 years old - as of our previous writing), Taishi Nakagawa is just 15 years old but already cast in 7 Japanese dramas since 2011. His roles in GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka) and Perfect Blue paved the way to a more important (and meatier role) in Yakou Kanransya (Ferris Wheel at Night) where he pit talents with the likes of Karen Miyazaki, Shota Yasuda, Hana Sugisaki and Riko Yoshida. As the tormented high school student Shinji Takahashi, accused of a crime he may or may not commit, Taishi was just perfect - he was sensitive and charming, vulnerable and rebellious, hopeful and pessimistic - such range of contradictory emotions he was able to show at ease. This kind of acting versatility he also showed when he played the young Minamoto no Yoritomo (later on played by Masaki Okada) in the historical drama Taira no Kiyomori. 

Playing supporting parts and also being tagged with the 'second lead syndrome' (he's part of Your Lie in April, where Kento Yamazaki takes the lead), Nakagawa nonetheless had a banner year in 2015...

It was in September 2013 when PsychoDrama posted an article about Masaki Suda, proclaiming him as one of Japan's best actors.

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During that time, even Japanese movie portals have yet to put the spotlight on him:

He started doing movies by portraying a Kamen Rider hero, just like many aspiring Japanese actors at the beginning of their careers. However, instead of being typecast in this sort of easy-going roles like his co-star Renn Kiriyama, the young Suda developed a taste for playing unique characters. He either gets bullied or be the bully himself. He also often changes his hair style - the color and the look itself to suit his characters. He is talented, aggressive and most of all, fearless in his choice of roles. You may wonder, why put him in the same league as Shun Oguri, or even Kengo Kora or even the tandem of Shota Sometani and Kamiki Ryunosuke? Well, because he can pit talent with any of the big names I mentioned and will never feel or be inferior to anyone of them. He has his charisma on the big screen and can command the attention of viewers in dramas as well. 

Last August 2013, PsychoDrama ran a series of articles talking about Shota Sometani and Ryunosuke Kamiki and why they represent the best of their generation. They have a lot of things in common - they both started out as child actors, and while Kamiki also ventured into voice acting, Sometani is regarded as the more "accomplished" of the two. Of course, fans of Kamiki will argue about that. They were in the drama Kokoro no Ito, where Kamiki took the lead role, with Shota played a supporting part. Not really enough to conclude that an acting showdown took place, but fast forward to 2015, they were once again reunited via Bakuman and still no acting showdown. In a recent interview, both actors were reported to be very interested "to act together." If that happens, we're in for a celebration!

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In the span of 1 year, I have come to realize that Someya and Kamiki are not the only ones worthy of raves and recognition. Perhaps a more accomplished young actor was already making waves, yet his personal life took a downward turn, thus the hiatus - of course, we're talking about Yuya Yagira. While it was many years ago that he won Best Actor at Cannes Fest, his recent work speaks volumes of his talent - Unforgiven, Crows Explode, Again, Aoi Honoo, a single episode appearance in Nobunaga Concerto and Gassoh.

Then there's Sosuke Ikematsu with back to back movies, Pale Moon When I Sense the Sea and Vortex of Love not to mention being a child actor himself. He certainly made waves in 2014, and he ruled that year.

But this year, it's a Masaki Suda year. I don't know what sort of role he has yet to play, but he already made waves playing a woman (and beautiful at that), a comatose patient, an assassin/student, a Kamen Rider, an asshole chef apprentice and much more.