Of Boy Bands and Coming of Age dramas: Latest casting buzz featuring Masaki Suda, Tori Matsuzaka, Arata Horii, Junki Tozuka & Airi Matsui!

Toei’s Kiseki: Sobito of the Day and Metamorphosis (Transformation) from TV Tokyo offer the latest casting buzz that features our favorite stars.

Junki Tozuka teams up with favorite Arata Horii and Airi Matsui for TV Tokyo’s “Transformation” about the lives of high school students. A previous show featuring Shono Hayama and Yuina Kuroshima was a precursor of this new TV film. This latest production is the third, after selecting the winner of a story as told by a real student. 


Kiseki (キセキ あの日のソビト) is the reunion of Masaki Suda and Tori Matsuzaka on the big screen, after The Boy Inside and Piece of Cake. This time, they play brothers, with Matsuzaka as the manager of a boy band called “GreeeeN” while Suda is the lead member of the group. I dunno if fans may resent the use of the term “boy band” compared to Japanese “pop group”. The title is from the name of their song “Kiseki” which became a big hit upon release. The other members of the band are Ryusei Yokohama, Ryo Narita, and Yosuke Sugino.


Shiori Kutsuna also stars. If you remember, it was Kutsuna who also figured prominently in a previous boy-band-musical-drama entitled “Beck” featuring Hiro Mitsushima, Takeru Satoh, Osamu Mukai and Aoi Nakamura. Maybe she has a particular “affinity” towards playing romantic interest with members of a band. But Kutsuna is one hell of an actress with some outstanding performances – My Back Page, Unforgiven, and Beck. I’m waiting to watch her in While the Women are Sleeping ( 女が眠る時) with Hidetoshi Nishijima and Beat Takeshi.

There is an official website for the movie, with an interesting trailer to boot!


It appears that the movie will explore the background characters of the members of the pop group, aside from their music. GreeeeN’s official website also announced the casting news. While video showing the cast in rehearsals:

Matsuzaka was a big disappointment in Mozu, though he was incredible in April Fools and Piece of Cake. Masaki Suda is a class act throughout his young acting career – he has grown from strength to strength, the latest movie I saw of him – Pink and Gray – was just incredible. Yokohama has to polish his acting skills to be noticed further, while Ryo Narita is already looking very promising (I saw him in Mayu Matsuoka’s thriller-drama She).


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