Crows Explode! Masahiro Higashide competes with Crows Zero gods Shun Oguri, Takayuki Yamada & Miura Haruma!

Crows Explode

Handpicked to spearhead the new Crows Explode movie is newcomer (but already award winner) Masahiro Higashide. He is expected to continue the tradition set by such top actors Shun Oguri, Takayuki Yamada, and Haruma Miura, in what is considered one of the most successful movie franchise in Japan – the Crows Zero series.

To be directed byToyoda Toshiaki, the new movie will continue the Crows saga, and begins when Shun Oguri’s character graduates from the infamous Suzuran. Toshiaki, considered by Twitch as ” something of the patron saint of disaffected youth.” is no stranger to the portrayal of youth in movies. He cast Ryuhei Matsuda in one of the actor’s earliest movies, Blue Spring. He also included Matsuda in Nine Souls, perhaps his most accomplished movie of all.

Higashide is to play the lead character Kaburagi and he will be supported by a number of new characters as well – Yuya Yagira will play Toru Goura, a student who is considered on the verge of grabbing the top spot among the toughies in Suzura. 

Taichi Saotome will play first-year student Ryohei Kagami, and will be Higashide’s main rival.

Other actors in the cast include Takanori Iwata and ELLY of “Sandaime J Soul Brothers”, KENZO of DA PUMP, Yuya Yagira and Kento Nagayama.

Prolific filmmaker Takashi Miike directed the first 2 Crows Zero movies and grabbed impressive records at the box office. It also provided both Shun Oguri and Takayuki Yamada the chance to participate in an acting showdown of sorts. The same can be said in the sequel, this time with Miura Haruma on the spotlight. Higashide, while relatively new to the Japanese movie scene, has already proven himself – winning two top awards for his role in The Kirishima Thing.

Can he convince fans of the first two movies that he can be as tough and as cool as Oguri and Yamada and Miura?

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