In the initial episode of Ashita no Yakusoku, we see a young boy wearing a black hoodie takes spray paint and rope from a hardware store. This scene is interlaced with the figure of a young woman who observes on-going classes at Tsubakigaoka High School.

 Ashita no Yakusoku - Ep2 Review

Later, we learned that the young boy Keigo (Endo Kenshin) is a student of the school, while the keen observer is the new guidance counselor, Aizawa Hinata (Inoue Mao). Keigo is skipping classes and it becomes a subject of discussion during a meeting. The counselor suggests a home visit and together with Keigo's teacher Mr. Kirishima (Oikawa Mitsuhiro), they met the boy and his mother, Makiko (Nakama Yukie).

According to NoBully.Org, 30% of students around the world are bullied each year. In other words, that's a third of the student population. In Japan, the figure is much higher and The Japan Times confirmed it:

The survey of all 38,846 schools across Japan, including elementary, junior high, high school and special needs schools, 22,272, or 57.3 percent, said they found bullying cases. []

Ashita no Yakusoku - Episode 1

I know I started my introduction quite strong, but then again, Inoue Mao's latest drama has also come out intense with regards to bullying. But what makes Ashita no Yakusoku even more engaging as a school-mystery-drama is that it tackles another issue - the cases of the overprotective parents (particularly the Mom). Mixing these themes can be a potent combination and to cast Inoue against another Japanese actress who has reached an 'iconic' status through the years - Nakama Yukie is (close to) a stroke of genius.