Death Note Drama: Episode 8 Review

I admit I’m doing a complete turn around from hating Episode 7 to absolutely loving Episode 8 of Death Note drama. I lost faith, but then it was completely restored for a good number of reasons.

 4 stars out of 5

Episode 8 is the show’s biggest cliffhanger yet – this is where the full frontal attack I expected to happen in previous episodes took place. Kento’s L revealed a character worth rooting for. While we may have seen glimpses of malice in how he interrogated Light, admitting all he wanted is to become his friend tugs at the heart. Kento Yamazaki delivered his lines with both conviction and tenderness that Kubota’s eye-popping exaggerated acting seems neutralize;

The public prosecutor who wanted to join the crusade for justice and the elimination of the world’s criminals may have demonstrated a great level of over-the-top acting, but he delivered it to annoy and irritated the audience, which makes him just as effective as the two leads. I mean, I was annoyed because he wanted to shake things up, which makes him good at what he’s doing;

Near as a girl pretending to be a boy got to me in a way I never expected. I no longer wonder why they cast Mio Yuki. She’s like the unknown ingredient in a world famous recipe where people come from all over the place just to get a taste of;

Anyway, two separate lines delivered by Light sums up the Episode leading up to the deadly confrontation between Light and L, the outcome of which we will know soon enough.

We don’t live in a world where justice always wins.

Let’s create a world where there is no crime together!

Light elaborate plans to get rid of L in his quest to continue using the death note is not exactly perfect, to begin with, but it challenged L nonetheless. The one unexpected event happened when Misa got mugged, and the death note was lost, only to fall into the hands of the public prosecutor who has an agenda of his own. But Light made a liability into an asset but inviting this crusader of justice into his court.

Remember that Light and Misa both possessed death notes with the power to kill just by seeing their victims. L was supposed to be the latest in Light’s scheme, but what could have been L’s demise was somehow prevented – temporarily or permanent, we’ll know in the next episode.

Many Death Note fans and those who have no clue what the hype is all about may wonder 2 or 3 months from now, just how different and good the show was. It’s different to watch and react on a per episode basis than to do a marathon and get the chills and thrills from start to finish. 


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