Death Note Drama: Episode 3 Review

The much-anticipated face to face confrontation between Light and L has yet to happen, but Episode 3, offers the right amount of suspense and revelation. I was bored in Episode 2 for seeing the same and was happy to note that Ep3 has enough spice to produce a well-rounded episode. Yes, the supporting cast were able to offer viewers with a glimpse of who they are – especially Near (that doll is creepy and ugly) and our bubbly performer Misa Amane. 

I remember the movie version and to think that it was Hikari Mitsushima and Erika Toda who played the roles of Light’s sister and Misa, respectively. But I’m not focusing on what I just watched!

 2 out of 5 stars

The FBI agent, Raye Penber, who was so obvious in trailing Light has revealed himself during the bus hostage situation. The fact that someone is aware of Kira puts Light in an awkward situation – somehow. But things has started to change in Light’s persona. As mentioned in Ep2 review, the friendly young man is turning into a malicious, almost sadistic person who loves to use his power to kill. 

L remains in the background – his eccentricity becoming a bit of an annoyance to the police. His sudden call to Light puts shivers down the young killer’s spine. Will they finally meet? 

Episode 3 offers hints here and there about what may happen next and how the other characters will play their parts.

Masataka Kubota singlehandedly carried the show – he was like a thief caught in the act – those eyes of his are watering in either guilt or delight, we may never know. Many of Kubota’s watchers will agree that he is offering a multi-faceted Light. The struggle between good and evil is almost over. For Light, justifying his intention to rid the world of criminals is no longer a big issue. He has become a calculating, risk-taking and dangerous crusader of vigilante justice. There is no god-like attitude to Kubota’s portrayal of Light. To protect his very own existence, killing is, but a means to an end.

Also, you may want to savor the father-son dialog between Kubota and Yutaka Matsushige. It’s one of the episode’s highlights. That’s a dramatic moment!

This is somehow a sort of danger zone for Kento Yamazaki – I still can’t connect with whoever is the character he wants to portray. I can’t feel the confidence and the drive in his crusade to find Light and therefore, capture Kira. This disconnection will hamper the drama and will be the major factor for viewers to lose their interest.

With that note, I will still continue my episodic review…

Why continue? You see the teaser for Episode 4 is simply too much to miss. See above tweet – the leads has a tennis match up, and you need to stay put. You just have to trust me on that.


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