Death Note Drama: Episode 7 Review

If you’re just starting to watch the drama version of the popular manga Death Note, then you may not like it if you begin at Episode 7.

As explained to me by a friend who followed the details of Death Note from the source to its anime version, this part of the story supposedly represents another leap towards Light and L’s deadly confrontation. However, here the acting becomes so obviously over the top, it’s not hard to laugh at Masataka Kubota. The vein-poping overacting tradition of Tatsuya Fujiwara is like a ghost who suddenly appeared in the form of his predecessor! Gone is the elegance in acting, now we are introduced to mediocrity and caricature.

 2 out of 5 stars

Why my sudden change of tune? First of all, Episode 7 is where there are more over the top acting than episodes 1-6 combined. The lackey who was supposed to be part of the corporate management representing Yotsuba is one of the worst supporting actors I’ve seen.

Anyway, so what has happened after Misa was captured by L? Light was forced to volunteer for interrogation in exchange for her release, but it that all there is to it?

Light’s forward thinking is supposed to be the advantage in the cat and mouse game between him and L. He has apparently made up his mind that to “change the world,” he has to continue killing criminals until he gets rid of them all. With the shinigami at his side, Light devised a plan where the interrogation he’ll undergo under L’s will not reveal him as Kira. 

Possessions of death notes, according to the Shinigami, provide humans with the means to kill. If they get rid of a death note, then they also delete the memories of these killings. As expected, the police investigators and L himself were duped by Light’s machinations.

So finally the question is – will we see L’s demise from the hands of Light Yagami? That may be the case in Episode 8. Oh and yes, the young actress playing Near has no credibility and on-screen charm at all. 

Ok, here’s the thing – Kubota’s undercover as a makeup artist (which means he’s gay) is a ridiculous set up you could ever imagine. Even Kubota is amused. But I’m not. I felt that this episode nosed dive in quality. The predictability factor is at an all-time high that I’m afraid my skepticism has crept up; it would be almost impossible to convince me otherwise…


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