Favorite Japanese Actors and their Fashion Style: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! – (Part 2) – Tori Matsuzaka, Shohei Miura, Masahiro Higashide

Part Two of our 10 favorite fashion-savvy Japanese actors features relative newcomers, compared to Part One. But being new to the movie industry only add to their star value, so to speak – Tori Matsuzaka is beginning to level up his acting and is now a threat to grab roles usually reserved to Osamu Mukai and Haruma Miura…

Shohei Miura may be regarded as a favorite among fangirls for his ‘pin-up’ appeal but an acting award proved there is more to the young actor than a pretty face. Finally, a model turned actor and who was personally handpicked to lead the 3rd movie of the Crow Zero franchise, Masahiro Higashide.

Who says only Joe Odagiri and Shota Matsuda rule the fashion scene?

Masahiro Higashide: While he started his career as a model in 2004, Higashide was spotted by The Kirishima Thing director (Yoshida Daihachi) and immediately cast him as one of the movie’s leads. The casting decision proved to be on-target, Higashide went to win the Newcomer award at the 2013 Japanese Academy prize for his role as the handsome yet totally clueless highschool student of his sexual attraction to his classmates.


The spotlight on Higashide is not limited to movies – with recent roles in TV dramas, including xxxHolic and Amachan, has kept him on everyone’s radar. Promotional photos in his talent agency show Higashide in laid-back fashion style and he’s most probably sporting same fashion sense outside showbiz.

He said he would love to play bad boy roles – maybe do some cruel, evil deeds to unsuspecting victims… but the 2014 Crows Explode role may force him to do leading men instead. Watch the clip below:

[ See what ‘casual’ is for Higashide in this article/interview and see more Masahiro Higashide scans ].

What can you say about Masahiro Higashide’s fashion style? Which of his movies and dramas are your favorites?

Shohei Miura: That cover photo of Shohei Miura is from Umizaru 3: The Last Message, the same movie that won for the actor the Newcomer award at the Japanese Academy prize in 2010, three years ahead of Higashide above. The Junon Boy winner has done a number of modeling gigs himself – including videos showcasing his good looks.


He has a reputation for changing his hairstyle often with blond highlights when he was starting his career. Lately, that seems to have changed as he is sporting a more matured style -without the highlights. [ Latest promotional photos at his official website seem to indicate just that ]

Watch a clip of an ad with Shohei above – he’s incredibly photogenic! [ Another clip for Gekkan Men DVD is here ]

What can you say about Shohei Miura’s fashion style? Which of his movies and dramas are your favorites?

Tori Matsuzaka: The popular young actor looks like any male model doing a $500/hour gig… (think Tyson Ballou or Sean Opry or the now singer Sam Way) in the below clip…

The Clone Baby-Love for Beginners star used to be a super hero in a TV series before he expanded his acting horizon to include playing a psycho, an aspiring Olympic swimmer, a friend of a comatose boy and lately a medium for the dead (Tsunagu).

But his onscreen fashion style, as well as off-screen, remains consistent – he looks cool in both formal and rugged attires. Not to mention that sleek, high-tech costume for Gatchaman.


This is what we have to say about Matsuzaka for jumping 7 slots in our Top 30 hitlist

He has proven to be one of the few young actors capable of commanding the box office, with back-to-back winners in Tsunagu and Love for Beginners. But his box office appeal is not the only reason for his success, Matsuzaka is also proving himself a dramatic actor with amazing performances in Wings of the Kirin, Life Back Then (as one sinister villain!) and The Boy Inside (The King and I). [ read more ]

However, he maybe the more inconsistent among the three on the list.

What can you say about Tori Matsuzaka’s fashion style? Which of his movies and dramas are your favorites?

Stay tuned for Part 3 and the rankings!
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