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September 2017 is Food month at Psychodrama!

September 2017 is food month at Psychodrama! It means we’ll be featuring Japanese food-related movies, drama series, and anime reviews and news, as well as, surveys and quizzes about these shows and the actors who played chefs or cooks or any related characters!  



As a sneak peek, we’ll have an anime review for Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) and extensive discussions on drama series including Mondai no aru Restaurant, Mi wo Tsukushi Ryouricho, and The Emperor’s Cook. Special mention also goes to Hashimoto Ai’s Little Forest.

As an introduction, we’re inviting you to participate in our survey! A lot of the shows we’ll be featuring are included in the survey.

Of course, we’ve already featured our Japanese food movie list, and coming up our hitlist for Japanese food-related dramas and anime!

Did we miss any of your favorite Japanese food-related movies, drama, or anime? Let us know what you think!

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