Erika Sawajiri’s tour-de-force performance in Helter Skelter!

Erika Sawajiri - Helter Skjelter

Twilight’s Kristen Stewart acting and notoriety pale in comparison to Erika Sawajiri’s. The fact that Sawajiri can act and Stewart can’t is already quite obvious. After more than 5 years of haitus in appearing on the silver screen, Sawajiri is back with a vengeance in Helter Skelter.

As top model and beauty icon, Sawajiri plays Ririko – an insecure, beauty obssesed young model who will sacrifice everything to maintain her pretty face and sexy body. Everything appears to be just fine until the multiple plastic surgeries take its toll on her mind and body.

Her descent to her own personal hell is equally horrendous to the people who worked for her – a loyal assistant would even allow her own boyfriend to have sex with the notorious Ririko and even allow herself to harm a rival.

Sawajiri was given a lot of acting scenes where she can display her amazing acting range. See some amazing screenshots after the jump!


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