Favorite Japanese Actors and their Fashion Style: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly! – (Part 1) – Joe Odagiri, Shota Matsuda & Gou Ayano

There are a lot of great (and not so great) actors in Japan with unique fashion styles. Some like to make fashion statements during shows and premiere nights, some are favorites of fashion magazine editors and are often on their cover. Some prefer to wear just shirt and jeans but still look cool, some can be more extravagant.

Let’s see… Joe Odagiri has a unique (and sometimes weird) fashion style – which somehow – match some of the characters he portrays in his movies (think: Adrift in Tokyo). Even in the family drama Tokyo Tower, he manages to look unique wearing colors not often identified with men and get away with it. But sometimes he looks a bit ridiculous! 

In Part 1 of our hitlist, we’re showing select photos and video clips of some favorite actors, their fashion styles and how they manage to even look cool in the movies while portraying crazy characters! This part features Joe Odagiri, Shota Matsuda, and Gou Ayano.

Joe Odagiri: Some think of him as having an “eclectic personal style”. Not only that, he also dons unique hairstyles! In his CNN interview with Anna Coren, he looks so different from other actors! Watch an excerpt of the interview and then look closely at some photos from Korea’s First Look


Sometimes, it’s also hit and miss. Just like his recent appearance for the movie “Mr. Go”. Remarked Korean entertainment portal, Kofan:

Joe Odagiri attended the VIP preview for the film ‘Mr. Go’ with a unique fashion style that seems a little too warm and thick for a scorching summer like today. Whatever it may be, he still shined among several top stars at the preview. [ source ]

Here are some more fashion statements from Mr. Odagiri, including magazine covers.


Mr. Odagiri also starred in Bright Future from filmmaker Kiyoshi Kurosawa, which happens to cast another fantastic actor (who also has his own style) Tadanobu Asano! Watch the clip (trailer) below to see how he looks like when he was younger.

What can you say about Joe Odagiri’s fashion style? Is it too weird or just unique? Which of his movies are your favorites?

Shota Matsuda: Ryuhei Matsuda’s younger brother may not be as critically acclaimed, but Shota rocks when it comes to his style and fashion sense. I’ve watched him in Hard Romanticker and Afro Tanaka – two completely different movies – but he still managed to make some fashion statements! He is also quite popular with fashion magazines, being on the cover of a couple of them [ See scans here and here ]


I watched a couple of episodes of his latest drama, Sennyu Tantei Tokage, and while I find some of the stories’ plots quite ridiculous, Shota still looks cool! One of the more memorable episodes is when he investigated a crime involving fashion models. But his biggest movie role – as Gu in Hard Romanticker – remains his most impressive performance.You can watch the trailer below and you for yourself.

Part of our review of the movie follows:

Shota can make young girls giggle and he has succeeded in doing so many times over in a variety of teen dramas. But his performances in Ikigami and A Crowd of Three has a lot left to be desired. He may have regained some grounds in the Liar Games series, but such light performances are not enough to warrant further levelling in the acting department.

Hard Romanticker changed all that – from the time he escaped into the rooftops at the beginning towards the movie’s thrilling conclusion, Shota Matsuda finally delivered a performance worthy of comparison to his more illustrious brother. [ read more ]

Here’s a video clip featuring scenes from Afro Tanaka and you’ll see a completely different Shota Matsuda:

What can you say about Shota Matsuda’s fashion style? Which of his movies and dramas are your favorites?

Gou Ayano: We have not covered Ayano-san that much. But in recent months, he is one of the most high-profile Japanese actors – with movies left and right, casting news and buzz. One of his latest movies, The Flower of Shanidar opens in the theater just a few days ago. He’s also in the live action version of Gatchaman, to be shown later in August.


I saw one of his clips @D-Actors Files and he’s such an awesome guy in person. He also has his own unique fashion sense. He’s probably one of those guys who look cool just wearing shirt and jeans. [ See scans from Japanese magazines here and here ] and some nice and nasty buzz inside Japan.

Unlike Odagiri and Matsuda, Gou Ayano’s earlier works are supporting roles. He plays one of the villains in Rurouni Kenshin (versus Takeru Sato) and also in Gantz (versus Ninomiya Kazunari). 

Here’s a music video featuring Gou Ayano:

What can you say about Gou Ayano’s fashion style? Which of his movies and dramas are your favorites?

Stay tuned for Parts 2 & 3 coming up!


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