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Hongo Kanata continues drama streak via NTV’s ‘Repeat’!

Hongo Kanata - NTV drama Repeat

Hongo Kanata - NTV drama Repeat

Repeat is the latest NTV drama to cast Hongo Kanata. Based on the novel of the same title by Inui Kurumi, ‘Repeat’ features a mysterious phone caller who invites people to travel back in time. 

These invitations can result in a person altering the past to correct a mistake or handle things differently. 

The full title in Japanese is ‘Repeat: 10 Months Which Changes Fate’. Currently, we know of three participants – a librarian (Kanjiya Shihori), a young man (Hongo Kanata), and a middle-aged male divorcee (Gori).

They time travel to 10 months in the past upon the invitation of a phone caller. Different situations appear right before them. During this time, the librarian fell in love with one of the men.

Repeat is set for broadcast on January 11th, to occupy the late evening slot. 

Hongo Kanata’s 2017 showcases four dramas  – Love Concierge (S1 and S2), Monster Club, and Akagi (S2). The actor is also set to appear in the sci-fi thriller Inuyashiki in 2018.

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