Satoshi Tsumabuki in an amazing article & interview!

Satoshi Tsumabuki - Japan's Best Actor

This is why Satoshi Tsumabuki is currently numero uno in our Top 30 hottest Japanese young actors! Nobuko Tanaka wrote an article/interview about the young actor and listed down some of his outstanding performances on film, and also announced Tsumabuki’s latest role, this time in a play entitled Egg.

The article also explored the actor’s entry into the movie scene and the subsequent interview reveals some amazing insights into Tsumabuki’s ideals, perceptions and opinions about his movie career and life in general. 

Says Mr. Tanaka:

Back in 1996, Tsumabuki’s career started in real fairytale style with a nationwide male-only talent search dubbed “Ahopon Project.” Organized by three major showbiz companies — Amuse, Horipro and Nippon Broadcasting System — this kicked off by getting all 24,016 applicants to compete in an arcade game in which luck played a part. A shortlist of the top players then received tickets to attend serious auditions through which the huge field was narrowed down to just one winner — the then 16-year-old Tsumabuki. The next year, his career began with small film and TV-drama roles in which he stood out so much that he was soon fully booked as a film and TV actor. Now, at age 31, he’s already played roles that some spend their entire careers working up to, such as that of the samurai hero of NHK’s prestigious annual year-long history drama (General Kanetsugu Naoe in 2009’s “Tenchijin”). His film roles have also made him a regular nominee for Japan Academy awards, leading him to scoop the best actor prize in 2010 for his role as the anti-hero Yuichi Shimizu in the eponymous film of Shuichi Yoshida’s crime-noir novel “Akunin” (“Villain”) directed by Lee Sang Il. [ read more ]


I am an avid fan of the actor, and ever since I’ve watched Akunin (Villain), I really think he is the best young actor in Japan today. After watching the award-winning movie, I really took time to research and eventually watched his other movies – from his comedic performance in Waterboys to some of the best contemporary dramas including My Back Page, Tears for You and Smuggler to the fantasy-adventure Dororo and the unforgettable The Haunted Samurai, Tsumabuki has an amazing acting range.

One of the most interesting questions asked by Mr. Tanaka in his exclusive interview was:

As a leading figure in the young generation of actors, how do you perceive your role in the Japanese entertainment world?

I don’t want to have any fixed limitations or expectations regarding my selection of work, and I want to try any roles offered to me that arouse my interest.

The role of the hero, or antihero, in “Akunin” (“Villain”) directed by Lee Sang Il, was one of the most important jobs in my career. As I got deeply involved in playing Yuichi, a lonely outcast who murdered a woman and was on the run with a social misfit named Mitsuyo (Eri Fukatsu) who he’d met through an online dating site, I thought about the character every moment of the day and I was totally burned out when the filming finished. [ read more ]

Being a fan outside Japan, I don’t think I will have the chance to watch him in this new play. I have to be satisfied watching his movies, even though I have to wait for at least 3-4 months after its Japanese release… Well, better late than never!

 Are you a fan of Satoshi Tsumabuki? Let us know what you think!


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