Casting News + Scoop! [Jan 1-10] Fumi Nikaido’s Mitsui no Aware + Masaki Suda & Tori Matsuzaka reunites in FujiTV show “Era of Us”!

Our first casting buzz for 2016 is all about reunions and first encounters. Take the case of Tori Matsuzaka, Fumi Nikaido and Masaki Suda.

In 2012, Matsuzaka, Nikaido and Suda played childhood friends in The Boy Inside (Osama to Boku) with Suda’s character Morio getting confined in the hospital due to an accident and in coma. I did not particularly buy the story since the chances of someone in “vegetative state” recovering and getting back on his feet is almost nil, but watching the actors together is simply worth my while. Nikaido was doing a bit of over-acting thanks to director Tetsu Maeda, but Suda was just phenomenal that Matsuzaka was obviously trying very hard to match his performance. While both Matsuzaka and Suda appeared in recent movies, being together in “Era of Us” looks interesting. They are joined by another amazing actor, Taiga (who incidentally played Nikaido’s lover in Au revoir l’ ete.) The said show features topics that the actors are supposed to ‘discuss’ about.

UPDATE: ‘Era of Us’ from FujiTv is not a new show as corrected.

The Fuji TV show is reported to be ‘unscripted’ with the actors expressing their opinions. Here are screenshots showing Taiga reacting to playing a part opposite Fumi Nikaido, with a picture of Shota Sometani on the background:

Now the show is supposed to be aired every Sunday from 7:00-7:30 pm – I have not confirmed if they will discuss pure acting/movies or if they will also talk about something altogether different. [ I hope some of our friends in the community can put light on this ]

Though Yahoo Japan classified it as talk show, documentary and special interest. [ see more from Yahoo Japan here ]


Back to Nikaido, as many of you know, she has a lot of movies coming up in 2016. Aside from Wolf Girl and Black Prince, which is one of PsychoDrama’s 10 most anticipated Japanese movies of 2016, she is also the lead in Mitsui no Aware, and she’s playing a goldfish who can transform into a woman!

Akago (Fumi Nikaido) is a red goldfish able to change into a girl. She possesses a pure and sensuous side. She lives with an old male writer (Ren Osugi) whom she calls “Ojisama.”

One day, the ghost of Yuriko Tamura (Yoko Maki) appears. She is a woman the writer knew in the past. [ AsianWiki ]

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