Catching up with ‘Juyo Sankounin Tantei’: Episode 2 Recap

Important Witness, Private Detective - 重要参考人探偵 | TV Asahi (Fridays)

Tamamori Yuta’s detective-comedy series, Juyo Sankounin Tantei – 重要参考人探偵 – is getting to be a bit on the serious side. Among the younger generations of Johnny’s, it’s always Tamamori Yuta that I’m curious about. Maybe because I had some pretty good impressions of him as an actor, plus he is always cast with Shida Mirai (remember Nobunaga no Shiifu?).

Episode 2 of Juyo Sankounin Tantei is especially interesting since they have two guest stars which are, in fact, a double reunion: Shida and Tamamori’s co-star in Pin To Kona, Nakayama Yuma.

Let me remind you that I’m watching this drama without subs, and I’m pretty much entertained. It’s an easy going drama with plenty of decent acting and easy-to-understand scenes, notwithstanding some clumsy, head-scratching parts (silly but tolerable). 

Kei (Tamamori) and his best buddies Itsuki (Koyama Keiichiro) and Toma (Furukawa Yuki) went to a go-see and auditioned. Kei, along with 3 other models, including Nozomi Sota (Nakayama Yuma), made the shortlist. They each will share the scene with a popular young model-actress (played by Shida Mirai). After rehearsals, Sota (Nakayama Yuma) was found by Kei to have been fatally attacked. As what happened previously, he’s accused of murder.

Juyo Sankounin Tantei - Episode 2

Here are some of my impressions:

  • I still can’t get used to Furukawa Yuki’s hairstyle and that he’s playing a secondary character. The scene when the trio had a first look at Shida Mirai’s model/acting op and Furukawa’s reaction is priceless! How can anyone not become a Furukawa fan? I know, that’s preposterous, but let’s wait for Netflix’s The Town Where Only I Am Missing (Boku Dake ga Inai Machi) also known as ERASED, which serves as Furukawa’s lead role launch;
  • Modeling (and acting) opportunities, especially after undergoing a competitive audition may arouse animosity among those who made it to a shortlist. In this episode, it has become evident that two of the models (Ichikawa Tomohiro, being one of them) have no intention to be nice, especially to Kei and Sota. Their actions, intentionally, are to show hostility, thus they could be murder suspects, and I was right. It’s too predictable actually;
  • After Sota’s murder, the trio went to do some investigation and here is where the fun began. Furukawa always has strong on-screen chemistry with bit players, even with the grandma, he shows how charming he is;
  • KEN-On mainstay Shida remains sidelined with supporting and guest roles when she could have been cast leading movie or drama characters. Even with a few scenes, Shida shines;
  • Nakayama Yuma who will next be seen in Laughing Under the Clouds previously starred in a heavy crime-drama WOWOW’s Hokuto – 北斗 ある殺人者の回心, so I can understand the minor role;
  • Junior inspector (detective) Saotome Karin (the enchanting Araki Yuko) is always relegated by her superiors to do the dirty work even though she has demonstrated some acumen in helping to solve cases. The fact that she’s a female and is constantly being discriminated reflects badly on the scriptwriter. I hope Kuroiwa Tsutomi (who also did the script for Samurai Sensei and Strawberry Night) realizes how silly this continued prejudice appears to the audience;
  • The police have known Kei from a previous murder case, and still, they continue to treat him as a suspect. The fact that he’s the one solving their murder cases maybe the reason why they dislike him. (Kei = 2, Police = Zero);


I have a good feeling about this drama. As long as it remains true to its light-comedic appeal and not treat itself too seriously, then it’s fun to watch.



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