Tomorrow's Promise starring Inoue Mao and Nakama Yukie promises to be an exciting, gripping mystery drama with acting showdowns featuring the two actresses. The premise behind the show is geared towards conflict between the characters. A high school student Yoshioka Keigo (Endo Kenshin) made a confession about his feelings for the school's guidance counselor, played by Inoue Mao. He suddenly dies under mysterious circumstances right after.

Inoue Mao in a scene from the drama Tomorrow's Promise (Japanese Fall 2017)

Apparently, the boy is bullied at school and has to endure constant interference from his own mother (Nakama Yukie). He is also being referred to as a 'delinquent' and associates with bad company.

TAMA New Wave, on its 9th year of giving awards, honors Kurosawa Kiyoshi's sci-fi thriller Before We Vanish and Ishii Yuya's romantic-drama The Tokyo Night Sky Is Always the Densest Shade of Blue as the year's Best Picture winners. Last year, we reported the award-giving body has recognized Yamashita Nobuhiro's Over the Fence and Sakamoto Junji's Danchi as 2016's best.

TAMA Film Awards - 2017

TAMA New Wave started in 2000 for the purpose of discovering new talents to bring fresh perspectives into the Japanese film industry. In 2009, it introduces the movie awards to appreciate talents that are "full of vitality" thus connecting movie fans and filmmakers together. [ Official Website ]

Here's the complete list of recipients after the jump!

Before Tokyo, there's Busan and currently, two Japanese movies are hugging the spotlight for romantic and sentimental reasons - Yukisada Isao's Narratage and Hiroki Ryuichi's Miracles at Namiya General Store. Let's see what's happening, shall we?

Based on the novel "Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki" by Higashino Keigo, Namiya tackles the mysterious connection between people from the past and the present. Their medium: the personal and time-tested handwritten letters. Dropped via the store's mailbox and written 30 or so years ago, people seek advice on life, love, and careers from the store's owner.

Two live-action adaptations for romance-related movie/drama are up and a special mention for Narita Ryo, as he celebrates a crowdfunded movie and a short clip! Also, we're halfway into October and there's a lot of drama-related activities going on as Fall Season starts! We'll have plenty of that as we prepare our take (first impressions and possibly, episodic reviews) on Detective Yugami, Rikouh, Kounodori, and much more.

 Narita Ryo - Chicken Star cast

As one of the voice actors in Kimi no na Wa (Your Name) and a member of the boy band in Kiseki: Sobito of That Day, Narita Ryo may have to leave his modeling job for acting. Of course, he's still one of the most recognizable male models in Japan today. So he's multitasking at the moment!

The 30th Tokyo International Film Festival is about to start and one of this year's special event is the celebration of the selected works of actresses Ando Sakura, Mitsushima Hikari, Miyazaki Aoi, and Aoi Yu. Dubbed 'Muses of Japanese Cinema', the four are also expected to join panel discussions right after the film showing.

Muses of Japanese Cinema: Sakura ANDO, Yu AOI, Hikari MITSUSHIMA and Aoi MIYAZAKI

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The Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) is excited to unveil the key visual of the Muses of Japanese Cinema: Sakura ANDO, Yu AOI, Hikari MITSUSHIMA and Aoi MIYAZAKI. Photographed by the acclaimed photographer and film director Mika NINAGAWA, the theme of the visual is celebration and the unique and attractive characteristics of “Tokyo.”  In this year’s Japan Now section, we are highlighting the work of these four iconic actresses in honor of the powerful sparks they generate on screen, their collaborations with renowned directors and their increasing international stature as one of the special programs planned to celebrate our 30th anniversary. [read more]

Each will have two featured movies. Extensive discussions of these films after the jump!