Casting News + Scoop! [March 1-6] Masaki Suda and Ryunosuke Kamiki dominate casting news with March Comes in Like a Lion and Teiichi no Kuni! + The latest on Gintama!

Masaki Suda, Ryunosuke Kamiki, Shota Sometani - Casting News

Instinct tells us when something is good or bad. In the case of March Comes In Like a Lion, there is no denying that it’s good – great even. Of course, we have yet to watch the movie, but the anticipation is just as intense. There is a firm belief that this 2-part movie will be Ryunosuke Kamiki’s biggest role to date, maybe even worthy of acting awards.

Speaking of intense, the recently released trailer for Teiichi no Kuni is worth a watch, even more, just for the scene reveals. With five movie projects alone for 2017, Masaki Suda is – once again – dominating the casting news. Having multiple projects may be bad for one’s health, but I have yet to see a bad performance from Suda. My only problem is overexposure, but then again why would you complain if you’re seeing the future of Japanese acting in Suda’s enigmatic presence?



Baka Updates posted a synopsis for the manga, which is the source of the live action movie:

Akaba Teiichi is beginning his student career at an elite private boy’s high school, which was originally renowned for producing many excellent naval officers. In its current incarnation, his school regularly turns out many important politicians and bureaucrats, and networking starts from day one. Teiichi is determined to become the school’s student council president, a position which will help launch him into the political sphere after graduation. He has run his life so far by maintaining a perfect image, while never neglecting the darker side of politics. He has plenty of help to reach his goal. Teiichi’s father, who is now an important bureaucrat, lost the position of student council president during his high school years, and that loss has continually hindered his career. He’s determined to support his son’s success in any way he can. Teiichi also has his loyal best friend and second-in-command, Koumei, helping him with strategy. On the side of emotional support, Teiichi has his little sister and mother, in addition to his girlfriend Mimiko. However, an unexpected force may rise against his ambition. An idealistic new teacher, Kurosaka Reiko, is determined to use her power to undermine the corrupt political traditions of their school. Her first step is to push a well-liked, highly intelligent, but poor student named Otaka Dan, who is not from the elite feeder middle school, into the political world. Will Teiichi be able to use the existing political system to achieve his goals, in spite of Kurosaka’s efforts to upset the status quo? [ source ]

Akira Nagai previously helmed the Takeru Satoh melodrama If Cats Disappeared from the World, so this youth-political-drama is a clear departure from the more serious Satoh project. I am still wondering why Satoh was not even nominated for his role.

Teiichi no Kuni also boasts of an impressive cast – among the standouts are Ryoma Takeuchi and Shotaro Mamiya. I also look forward to seeing Shuhei Nomura he’s been practically been cast to play the second lead in almost all his previous projects. Can the casting agents not see how good he is? 

Ryo Yoshizawa - Gintama Live action

Yuya Yagira - Gintama Live action

Ryo Yoshizawa – one of the most underrated actors of his generation – has generated some buzz via Tomodachi Gemu (where he takes the lead). However, with just one movie poster for Gintama, Yoshizawa certainly proves he’s becoming a major attraction himself. 

Yuya Yagira, fresh from a Best Actor accolade at Kinema Junpo for Destruction Babies, joins Yoshizawa in the latest Gintama buzz. The thing with Yagira is that no matter how small or ‘insignificant’ his roles might be, he always outshines most of the actors playing the lead. Looking back, it was Yagira who plays the brother of Shun Oguri’s Oda Nobunaga in the TV drama Nobunaga Concerto. 


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