For most western moviegoers, Sosuke Ikematsu remains that young kid from The Last Samurai, featuring Tom Cruise in the title role. But if you're already in the Japanese movie scene, you will certainly remember him in Dive!! as one of the aspiring Japanese divers who competed for sports glory and honor. He also made good impressions in The Story of Yonosuke as Kengo Kora's best buddy.

Two upcoming movies will further put the spotlight on Ikematsu as he graduates from playing second leads into the leading man territory.

First on the list is Vortex of Love - as one of the participants in a secret club that involves wild sex. The movie is controversial already for the nude scenes featuring different Japanese actors, with Ikematsu playing one of the main characters - and getting involved in a "whirlpool" of ecstasy. [ Watch video clip here ]

Second in line is a starring role opposite Ai Hashimoto entitled Adult Drop. Hashimoto is often cast with Kento Yamazaki, so this new pairing is both interesting and intriguing, to say the least. Both are capable actors, and we'll see if they have good on-screen chemistry. Hashimoto is such an alluring young actress; it may require the equally talented Ikematsu to level up his acting and create fireworks together!

Watch the teaser trailer for more of Hashimoto and Ikematsu together.

Adult Drop photos are below:

Ikematsu's character in Vortex of Love seems to be the more difficult to play, but I also love to see Ikematsu romancing Hashimoto in Adult Drop.


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