I look forward to watching "P and JK" starring Tsuchiya Tao and Kame but that may not happen anytime soon. The only remedy to lessen the itch is to read what film critics have to say. Apparently, there is no one other than Mark Schilling at The Japan Times who have seen it locally. To garner an impressive 3 1/2 out of 5 stars is a big surprise, but then again, Mr. Schilling must have enjoyed the movie, right?

Policeman and Me (P & JK)

The film is accordingly tilted more toward light romantic comedy than serious drama about age-inappropriate love, though Kota, its cop hero played by pop idol/actor Kazuya Kamenashi, is the soul of sincerity. And, as his teenage fiancee Kako (Tao Tsuchiya) gleefully observes, he does look great in uniform. [ source

More of Tsuchiya Tao in this spotlight/news post.

When it comes to underrated actors, the names of Kubota Masataka, Kora Kengo, and Hayashi Kento come to mind. However, given their recent accolades, they are no longer as under-appreciated as before and in fact, command high-profile roles of late. Given the fast turnover of leading roles, it is safe to say that we have a new list of actors worthy of praise, but have yet to get those 'elusive' major roles themselves.

Mamiya Shotaro took the top spot in our recent survey @Twitter and it's obvious that people have high regards for him. I first saw him in the Horikita Maki drama Miss Pilot. It was a supporting role, but his comedic skills were apparent. He did a few more drama after that, but if I'm to recommend the best roles he did, it's in the movies!

  • Teiichi no Kuni The Movie | Teiichi no Kuni (2017) - Rorando Himuro
  • Tori Girl (2017) - Taishi Sakaba
  • Ushijima the Loan Shark The Final | Yamikin Ushijima-kun Za Fainaru (2016) - Sanzo Gakuto
  • Ganguro Gals Riot | Kuroi Bodo (2016)
  • The Kodai Family | Kodaike no Hitobito (2016) - Kazumasa Kodai
  • Litchi Hikari Club | Raichi☆Hikari Kurabu (2016) - Jyaibo


NTV's 2016 comedy Niche Sensei is also highly recommended. But watch Mamiya in Litchi Hikari Club, that's his best performance to date.



Yudai Chiba is the most 'senior' when it comes to time spent doing movie/drama, while Yoshizawa Ryo and Kudo Asuka are 'relatively' newcomers. 

I'm particularly impressed with Kudo Asuka. He has a talent for playing dramatic roles. His supporting, yet excellent performance in Roosevelt Game (TBS, 2014) did it for me. He was also impressive as a selfish senpai in Pretend Girlfriend with Hayami Akari.


While many would argue that Koreans make some of the best historical drama, it is without a doubt that the Japanese also has their share of masterpieces. In the latest casting buzz, Mitsushima Hikari and Nagayama Kento star in a WW2 historical drama about love and war.

Miki Satoshi's drama-thriller Atami no Sousakan (熱海の捜査官) is probably the first time that Sometani Shota and Yamazaki Kento worked together. Fast forward to 2017 and they are at it again - this time for the Shadowverse commercial. Of course, they did the CM last year.


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