I can still remember the first time I saw Tao Tsuchiya, and nope it's not in Mare, the asadora that she headlined. It was a supporting role but with huge impact - on all the senses! She was an alluring, mysterious, charming young student with a sparkle in her eyes, and an attitude that borders from girlish to a grown up lady who is about to discover the world. As Somi Ogawa in TV Tokyo's Suzuki Sensei, Tao Tsuchiya was a sight to behold!

A few years later, and she is stepping it up - climbing the Japanese movie casting ladder like a veteran and amassing a list of memorable and beloved characters to her acting resume. Is she the next Yui Aragaki? Aoi Miyazaki? Masami Nagasawa? Or perhaps someone who will follow the career path of Hikari Mitsushima? Sakura Ando? I think her casting situation is still liquid - but one thing is sure - moviegoers and the Japanese general public love her. 

Since I'm given this chance to start working as an actress, I encounter many different works. I, too, also have things that are becoming (un)clear as I face those challenges. There were times when I thought, "How did I say this line before?" and would become confused as things get mixed up. However, by valuing those works one by one, I think it is important to jive in with the directors and co-stars at that time from the main parts of those works. Therefore, I personally want to do more things such as reading more newspapers and books, or climbing a mountain. Aahh, I suddenly want to go to the beach. (LOL) [ source ]

I watched her in a lot of TV appearances and one thing that always come across - her honest, unassuming demeanor. I wish she would do a hundred more movies with Kento Yamazaki, but reality bites - she is cast with other actors now and in the future. What I do hope is that there will be a magical movie that will put them back together, and I hope it will be sooner rather than later.

Whew, that was a long intro! So what sort of movies she's doing currently?

Aside from Aozora Yell which was already released in Japan:

  • Ani ni Aisaresugite Komattemasu [兄に愛されすぎて困ってます]  (2017) - (lead role) as Setoka Tachibana
  • Tori Girl [トリガール!] (2017) - (title role) - as Yukina Toriyama
  • P to JK [PとJK] (2017) - (lead role) as Kako Motoya
  • Kin Medaru Otoko [金メダル男] (2016) - supporting role) as Midori Yokoi

Among these movies I find her role with Kame to be quite a challenge. What I mean by that is how she can make the character come alive and make it interesting enough. The premise behind the two characters getting married is not only flimsy but laughable.

Based on the manga series "P to JK" by Maki Miyoshi:

Kako Motoya (Tao Tsuchiya) is in the first year of high school. She has yet to have a boyfriend yet. One day, she pretends she's a university student and takes part in a group blind date. There, she meets 23-years-old Kota Sagano (Kazuya Kamenashi). Kako and Kota get along well and become attracted to each other. Later, Kota learns that Kako is a high school student and his attitude towards Kako changes. In fact, Kota is police officer. Even though he likes her, he knows he can't date her. Then, Kako is injured while protecting Kota. Kota decides to accept Kako for who she is. He asks Kako to marry him, because that's the only way he can be with her as a police officer. [AsianWiki]

- - -

I don't know what approach they will do for the movie. I mean, if you're a professional, serious law enforcer, will you marry someone just because you like her? How about getting to know her first and then -perhaps - wait a bit? The manga even introduced another girl to form a love triangle? 

On Tori Girl, Tsuchiya will play a student at a Science University who fell for a senior guy, and got into  “human-powered flight” club.

Co-starring Tsuchiya is Shotaro Mamiya and Mahiro Takasugi.

I want to end this casting buzz on a "higher" note, so I want to come back to Orange and the magic both Tsuchiya and Kento Yamazaki weaved across movie fans around the world:

When it was decided that I will play the role of Naho Takamiya in the live action movie, I once again looked at the cover page of the comics and thought “I wonder if Kento-kun will play the role of Kakeru?” I don’t know the reason why since it was just my intuition, but I always picture out Kento-kun in my head. Then the manager asked me, “Who do you think will play the role of Kakeru?” When I replied, “Will it be Kento-kun?”, he said, “That’s right! You’ll be working together once again.” [ source ]

If you're not yet into the Tao Tsuchiya "craze" like me, then I invite you to watch her in Suzuki Sensei (TV series and movie) and then see her in Orange. I guess those shows are more than enough to give you an idea of what she can do, as a potential dramatic actress!


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