Woman: Episode 4 – Evil has a face and her name is Shiori

A harrowing, sentimental and explosive episode awaits viewers of Woman. I will no longer recommend or even ask you to watch this drama, because, by this time, you must be aware of how good it is. Just to recap the previous three episodes, Koharu (Mitsushima) is a young mother of two who lost her husband in a “supposed” accident. As a single mother, she is having difficulty raising her children and surviving; she hesitantly reconnected with her estranged mother. She also has a half-sister who appears to be a shy girl, but deep inside lives an insecure, evil creature capable of murder.

After the harrowing encounter where Koharu has to face two tormentors – her insensitive and selfish Mom and her equally insensitive-but-fully-grown-evil creature-of-a-person half-sister Shiori, she has to meet her doctor and find out how sick she is.

Before we go to the medical diagnosis, let me concentrate on Shiori. The angsty, shy pretender reveals her true self. It seems she has a history of violence and has been used and abused. But this seemingly tragic life is eclipsed by one particular deed.

Shiori admits she is responsible for the death of Koharu’s husband, Shin, by purposely holding his hand just as she used to do when blackmailing unsuspecting males inside the train. This trick is followed by accusing the men of being molesters. The malicious gesture was taken lightly and innocently by Shin, who even showed concern for her.

This admission took place when Sachi invited her favorite daughter for a round of shopping. Just when Koharu is desperately in need of her help, she decided it’s better to spend her money buying clothes for Shiori. 

I saw him when the train hit his body. I’m responsible. I did it because I know he and Koharu are happy and I heard a change in your voice when that guy was having dinner with you and Dad.

I will be left all alone again, just like the gang I belonged to accusing salarymen of molesting… I’m useless, and I have no one…

That’s what Shiori told her Mom. Now then, would you expect a mother to let her daughter hang by reporting the incident to the police?

Don’t tell this to anyone!

Sachi was adamant while hugging Shiori.

Back to Koharu: Riku, her youngest kid, is having problems relating to his classmates and the teacher believes he is late in learning how to read. In turned out, he is preoccupied with a lost puppy and pleads with her Mom to look for it. This longing for something he held dear is a symptom of something more serious. 

The kid missed his father – plain and simple, yet this realization forced Koharu to cry. Her children are looking for the love and affection of their father, who can never fulfill his role because he’s dead.

At the hospital, while her children await her, Koharu learned of her diagnosis.

A lot of questions hang, and it seems some of them will never be answered. Will Sachi continue to conspire with her daughter and kept the reason for Shin’s death forever a secret? What is the diagnosis of Koharu’s sickness? Is it dangerous and life-threatening?

What an awesome cast! Fumi Nikaido has a character you only love to hate, while Tanaka has a character that is hard to sympathize with. Mitsushima’s episode 4 performance is at par with the previous episodes, but I think the challenge in her scenes for this episode proves one thing – she’ll run away with acting trophies come award season!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars