Casting News + Scoop! [Nov 8-14] Ghost in the Shell; The “Museum” trio of Shun Oguri, Satoshi Tsumabuki & Shuhei Nomura + Amane Okayama’s Poetry Angel

Scarlett Johansson figured prominently in the latest trailer for the upcoming Ghost in the Shell, enhanced to a certain degree by the music inspired by Depeche Mode ‘Enjoy the Silence’. Beat Takeshi, as to be expected, is shown to maximum impact. 

Ghost in the Shell is an upcoming American science fiction film directed by Rupert Sanders and written by Jonathan Herman and Jamie Moss, based on the Japanese manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. The film stars Scarlett Johansson, Pilou Asbæk, Takeshi Kitano, Juliette Binoche, and Michael Pitt. Cyborg counter-cyberterrorist field commander The Major (Scarlett Johansson), and her task force Section 9 thwart cyber criminals and hackers. Now, they must face a new enemy who will stop at nothing to sabotage Hanka Robotic’s artificial intelligence technology [ Wiki ]

I would have appreciated seeing Rinko Kikuchi in the title role (or even Fumi Nikaido, or any newly discovered aspiring Japanese actress for that matter), but this is a Hollywood produced movie after all. [ First trailer after the jump! ]

For me, Johansson is a credible actress with plenty of impressive performances through the years, including: (1.) the young and bored wife in Lost in Translation; (2.) a magician’s assistant in The Prestige; (3.) the acting showdown with Natalie Portman in The Other Boleyn Girl and (4.) the drug mule turned superhuman in Lucy. She has done a lot of strong, independent characters so playing this role is not a surprise casting at all.



Last November 12, Museum starring Shun Oguri, Satoshi Tsumabuki, Machiko Ono and Shuhei Nomura, was released in Japan theaters. Variety previously reported the international distribution of the film, and the unknown actor who will play the villain. Of course, it turned out to be Tsumabuki:

Japan’s Gaga Corporation has snagged the international distribution rights to director Keishi Otomo’s upcoming horror thriller Museum. Based on the cult manga, the film stars Crows Zero star Shun Oguri as a detective hunting down a serial killer. Machiko Ono, who starred in director Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Like Father, Like Son, will play his estranged wife. The actor who will play the mysterious serial killer has yet to be revealed. Warner Bros Pictures Japan will roll out the film domestically on November 12. [ source ]

Based on the manga series “Museum” by Ryosuke Tomoe, Detective Hisashi Sawamura (Shun Oguri) investigates a series of crimes only to realize that the murderer’s next target is his wife and son. What made the cases mysterious and controversial is the appearances of a man wearing a frog mask who is considered the primary suspect.




Amane Okayama and Rena Takeda will star in the new film from “Dictator, Koga” director Toshimitsu Iizuka entitled Poetry Angel. The film deals with two unlikely young characters in what can be described as a hybrid coming of age about a farmer (Okayama) and a boxer (Takeda).

Poetry Angel is one of the movies featured in Motion Gallery, the Japanese equivalent of Kickstarter where filmmakers ask for people to support their projects. 

Watch clips of previous movies by Iizuka below, including one movie starring Hiroya Shimizu’s brother Naoya:



Amane Okayama is fast becoming a credible dramatic actor with credits for films such as Gassoh, Litchi Hikari Club, and Distraction Babies.

Previous films funded by Motion Gallery include Grasp the Sun, starring Kaito Yoshimura and Tokyo Sunrise starring Taiga.


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