Endo Kenshin [Actor Profile]

Endo Kenshin

Endo Kenshin (17) starts afresh in Japanese cinema with supporting roles in Hot Road (2014) and Goodbye Elegy (2017). But even with just 3 movies to his credit, he grabs the lead role in the coming-of-age movie ‘Garakuta’

As an initial offering of the 1st Juvenile Screenplay Award, he won the role after a grueling audition with other young, aspiring talents. 

As Hayato in Garakuta, he meets a mysterious young boy (Riku) who lives in a decrepit hut near an old lighthouse. Having struck an immediate friendship, he skips class and collects junks for his friend. An incident in school propels Hayato to re-examine himself, and grows up a bit.

Images featuring Endo Kenshin and other cast appearing in Garakuta. (C) ‘Garakuta’ Production Committee. All Rights Reserved.

I want to become an entertainer. I love comedy. I ambition myself to become a future Oguri Shun. I’m also fascinated with English and wants to become familiar with the language.

The actor is already making a name for himself as the bullied student in Inoue Mao’s drama Ashita no Yakusoku (Tomorrow’s Promise).

As Keigo, the young son of Makiko (Nakama Yukie)  he committed suicide after enduring intense discrimination from fellow students who all belong to the basketball team. The tragic death resulted in a scandal that rocks his school and the bullies. 

There was a scene where Endo was ‘supposed’ to confessed to his Guidance counselor played by Inoue Mao. In an interview, he said that he discussed the scene with the director to understand why he has to make such a confession.

I was really nervous because I was going to act with people who I have been watching on TV. Inoue Mao, Nakama Yuki, and Oikawa Mitsuhiro. Until now, I think it’s rude to become accustomed or feel comfortable to do scenes with them. I’m pretty much blessed with this opportunity. [source]

Images featuring Endo Kenshin appearing in Tv drama Ashita no Yakusoku. (C) NTV. All Rights Reserved.

References: Endo’s agency maintains a Hirata Office Profile. An audition ‘piece’ clip is also available from his agency. The TV profile for Japanese actor (under 22).

Featured photo of Endo Kenshin is from Hikari Graph, taken by Omura Yuriko.