Spotlight of the Month: Ryunosuke Kamiki – Celebrating the Acting Career of one of Japan’s Most Talented Young Actors! [ Vol 1, Part 2]

The spotlight on Ryunosuke Kamiki has begun several years ago, but today – May 19, 2016 – is the culmination of all the efforts we put into the many articles about the young actor. As we celebrate his 23rd year, let us remember some of the quotes from his many interviews. It would have been a major milestone for the community if there was an actual interview, but that is not the case right now…

I tweeted 6 quotes already and wanted to also interpret our recent survey/poll on Ryu, with the following findings and results:

[1] Soujiro Seta, a major character in the Rurouni Kenshin trilogy movies, remains his most favorite character among those who participated in the poll. I can certainly agree to that because the role is high-profile and well-known to those who followed the adventures in manga and in the anime version. Junichi Ninomae in SPEC is a distant second and also can be attributed to the popularity of the movies and the nature of Kamiki’s character. I was hoping more people would appreciate him in The Kirishima Thing because while it’s one of his many student roles, there is more challenge to playing the character – he has to play someone who almost appears like a ‘ghost’ with many of the student body simply looking for fun and never really connecting with the nerds, like him.

In most of Kamiki’s interviews, he was often quoted as being conscious of the fact that his roles are mostly ‘student’ types, coming-of-age characters. I still can’t see him doing something similar to what Sosuke Ikematsu are doing – matured, bold, daring roles where the character is often involved with an older woman (or having an intense sexual relationship with someone his age). I also can’t see him doing the kind of rebellious, malicious, naughty characters that Masaki Suda is now being famous for…

[2] Shinichi Numata, one of the sons in the Numata family invaded and terrorized by Sho Sakurai in the thriller The Family Game, is Kamiki’s favorite drama character. Need I say more? I consider his acting here to be top notch, and would also equate the screen time given to the more popular Sho Sakurai at 5:1 (for every 5 minutes of Sakurai, Kamiki gets about 1 minute or perhaps even less). People have been telling me why the exclusion of his performance in Kogure Photostudio? It’s an error on my part, simply failing to include it in the list of choices. I’m very impressed with his performance in WOWOW’s Henshin.

[3] His most beloved Little DJ character, Taro Takano garnered almost 50% of the votes, a testament to the enduring dramatic power of Kamiki when he was younger. I have to say, I am still looking for the next character that would further endear me to Kamiki. The above-mentioned roles are good enough – actually, they are amazing – but I want to see something in the same level as Shota Sometani’s Himizu character.

[4] Mirai Shida as the favorite (preferred) romantic on-screen partner is as expected, but I was surprised to see people rooting for Fumi Nikaido and Ai Hashimoto too! 

[5] An acting showdown with Kanata Hongo, a contemporary and a close friend would be a big, big favorite, same with Shota Sometani, who was Kamiki (and Takeru Satoh) co-star in Bakuman. I have to say, Sometani remains the talented actor I saw from previous films. I may even be guilty of not considering some of his more recent movies as evidence of Sometani’s enduring qualities as an actor. But to see more of Kamiki vs. Sometani would be a blast!

[6] Too Young to Die! remains the top choice for upcoming movies, but I am having a dilemma here since I like the other two choices – Taiyo and March Comes in Like a Lion, the latter I would consider a most-anticipated project.

[7] Gay guy in a BL movie would be close to impossible, but fans are just trying to be naughty! A scheming, career guy is more like it. Japanese fans can be conservative in the sense that an outright gay role might be bad for an actor’s career, and compare such ‘predicament’ to European actors, then we’re talking about extremes here. I often wonder how come Thai BLs are so tame compared to their French counterparts? That may appear to be an out of place remark, but Asian portrayal of gays remain ‘conservative’. You can just watch some amazing French samples – Francois Ozon’s Time to Leave would be a perfect comparison.

[8] People are divided in what 1 particular question they want to ask our birthday boy. I guess, some are interested in a career type of question, while another group wants to know something personal – a place that Kamiki might want to visit soon.

[9] A birthday card – preferably personalized – appeal to many of the participants. If I can be so bold, I would love to bake him a cake, and I hope to invite our community, especially the Kamiki fans, to share their recipe!

How about you? How did your answers compare to the others?