Casting News + Scoop! [Sept 23-27] It’s Ryo Narita vs. Yuki Furukawa for Alice Hirose in “L”; Masaki Suda boxes with Yang Ik-June + Ryunosuke Kamiki’s singular photo buzz for March Comes in Like a Lion!

A single photo of Ryunosuke Kamiki for March Comes in like a Lion has sent buzz over the net as the young actor is put on spotlight once again. Considered as one of the most interesting characters to portray in live action, it marks an acting milestone for Kamiki who got a Rookie from the Japan Academy (The Great Yokai War) eleven years ago. As Rei Kiriyama, Kamiki will play a young shogi player who questions his capacity to play competitively and faces both family and relation issues.

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His latest voice acting perf for Makoto Shinkai’s ‘Your Name’ has already sent the film to the list of the most successful anime (of all time). Is he ready for a major acting award this time?

“I don’t see Kamiki Ryunosuke” is what I want people to say about my acting. To be the kind of actor – who only shows the character and makes people see only that – is the kind of powerful performance I aim for.

That’s what he said a year ago and it sure applies now!


Suzu Hirose’s older sister, Alice Hirose, grabs the spotlight in the latest movie L-??-. It’s about time; we hear casting buzz on her, who is – apparently – the better actress between the siblings. Cast includes Yuki Furukawa and Ryo Narita. 


A very intriguing video said to be the basis of the movie is available on youtube. [ watch it above ]. I would expect some fairy tale kind of flavor for the film.

Aside from the main character played by Hirose, I’m looking forward to some ‘acting showdown’ between Narita – who was good in Mayu Matsuoka’s She – and Yuki Furukawa, who is vocal about his views on the Japanese entertainment industry. Not that it matter what opinions they have about the industry, but I think it’s appreciated by people outside Japan to know that some actors can express their views and not just say yes to everything.

There’s much good news about Masaki Suda. Apart from Drowning Love, Nanimono (Somebody), and Kiseki: Sobito of the Day, Suda is poised to act with one of South Korea’s celebrated actor – Yang Ik-June.

Entitled “Ah, Wilderness!” (あゝ、荒野), the movie is about two boxers who are to face a difficult situation in life. Masaki Suda is Shinji, who lives inside a youth detention center, while Yang Ik-June is Barika, a shy young man who stutters and have no friends. When they accidentally met at gym while boxing, they struck a friendship and decided to box competitively.

In my opinion, Masaki Suda has overtaken Shota Sometani in terms of playing different kinds of characters (versatility), and while he has yet to win an acting award in any international film festival or award-giving body for that matter, I believe it’s just a matter of time. 

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