Kamiki Ryunosuke: Catching up with Detective Yugami, Tokyo National Museum’s Shinkai Makoto Exhibit + the Nikkei Actor Index!

It’s been a while since we’ve launched a singular article about Kamiki Ryunosuke (神木隆之介). I practically grew up with my Japanese movie viewing experience filled with Kamiki’s ‘prodigal’ acting – Little DJ, Into the Far Away Sky, The Kirishima Thing, Bakuman, the Kenshin and San gatsu no Lion films to name just a few.


It seems fitting to have some updates since PD is coming up with the Top 30 Japanese actors hitlist in a few days.

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Detective Yugami – 刑事ゆがみ : Episode Two Review [Japanese Drama]

Episode Two of Detective Yugami 刑事ゆがみ is all about love and lies – in the most unexpected ways. It begins with Hanyu (Kamiki) teaching kids the value of telling the truth. As expected, Yugami (Asano) butts in arguing that lying is a practice one has to experience, and once a lie is told, there is a need for subsequent lies to propagate the manufactured ‘truth’. 

And since I’m watching the drama in Viu, what better way than to use their Episode 2 description to start my review:

Yugami and Hanyu investigate an attempted sexual assault case. Despite hospitalization, the victim refuses to press charges or cooperate with the investigation. The mystery deepens when the scene does not correspond to the victim’s testimony. [watch Detective Yugami

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Detective Yugami – 刑事ゆがみ : First Impressions + Ep1 Review [Japanese Drama]

Based on the manga series “Keiji Yugami” by Iura Hideo, Detective Yugami is the live-action TV series from Fuji TV starring Asano Tadanobu and Kamiki Ryunosuke as an oddball pair of detectives.

Asano is Yugami Yukimasa, a detective who ignores conventional investigative procedures in order to uncover the truth.

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Drama viewing becomes an enriching experience if you find the right drama for you. The problem is, once you pick a drama or two, you have to make sure someone is going to sub it.

With approximately 150 Japanese drama produced annually, only about 30-40 have been ‘endowed’ with an English subtitle. This figure nosedives, even more, when it comes to other languages. There also exists a few LiveJournal accounts who compel people with unreasonable requirements just to download their precious subs – and the arrogance is epic! Continue reading “Fall 2017 Drama Season: Top 10 Most-Anticipated Japanese Drama [Notwithstanding its subbing status]”

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