Based on the novel “Gukoroku” by Nukui Tokuro, the live-action adaptation (also entitled like the novel) is a clash of two acting giants in Japanese cinema – Tsumabuki Satoshi and Mitsushima Hikari, playing siblings.

Acting extravaganza aside, it’s also the debut full-length film of Ishikawa Kei, who took film directing in Poland under a scholarship from the Japanese government. Continue reading “Traces of Sin – ‘Gukoroku’ [Movie Review]”

Little Forest: Winter & Spring is the final installment of Igarashi Daisuke’s manga about a young woman named Ichiko, who left the big city to settle down in her small hometown up in the mountains.

Written and directed by Mori Junichi, it stars Hashimoto Ai in the title role, with Matsuoka Mayu, Miura Takahiro, and Kirishima Karen portraying supporting characters.  Continue reading “Little Forest: Winter & Spring – ‘Ritoru Foresuto Fuyu Hen ・ Haru Hen’ [Movie Review]”

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