Rikuoh – 陸王: First Impressions + Episode 1-2 Review [Japanese Drama]

Rikuoh – 陸王, based on Ikeido Jun’s novel of the same title, is at the forefront of a nationwide effort to promote sports. The 2020 Olympics also known as Tokyo 2020 is 33 months away, yet Japan is already anticipating the huge event by introducing sports-themed movies and drama.

Furuzawa Katsuo, known for his grandiose epic-scale drama such as Hanzawa Naoki, Roosevelt Game, and Shitamachi Rocket, is a TBS regular and is an obvious choice to direct Rikuoh. Is the storyline up to the director’s liking? I would think so…

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Drama viewing becomes an enriching experience if you find the right drama for you. The problem is, once you pick a drama or two, you have to make sure someone is going to sub it.

With approximately 150 Japanese drama produced annually, only about 30-40 have been ‘endowed’ with an English subtitle. This figure nosedives, even more, when it comes to other languages. There also exists a few LiveJournal accounts who compel people with unreasonable requirements just to download their precious subs – and the arrogance is epic! Continue reading “Fall 2017 Drama Season: Top 10 Most-Anticipated Japanese Drama [Notwithstanding its subbing status]”

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