Spotlight of the Month: Taishi Nagakawa: From teen actor to drama prince!

Taishi Nakagawa was once asked about playing romantic characters, and if such roles are close to the real Taishi, and he replied:

I’m always interested in playing a character in a love story. It finally came true, but I find it hard showing “sweetness” while acting. The movies “Tsuugaku Tochu” require not only being a sweet guy, but I also need to show different emotions in my scenes. I need to act with sincerity, and hopefully, I did. 

At the age of 18, Nakagawa has done a sex-comedy drama (Prison School) while at the same time, fell in love with a tiny girl in My Little Lover (the drama which stars Ninomiya Kazunari, playing the same role eleven years early).

2015 was a banner year for the young actor as he also gets to promote a horror/thriller (Blue Demon v2) too! With more than a dozen TV drama roles to his credit and another six in full-length films, Nakagawa is being groomed to take over roles played previously by Satoshi Tsumabuki, Haruma Miura, and even Sota Fukishi and Kento Yamazaki. But don’t get me wrong. Nakagawa has the acting chops to overtake Fukushi in the talent department and can do drama as much as Kento Yamazaki. 

I have been cast in many “cool guy” roles such as Kou in Tsuugaku Series Tsuugaku Tochu. However, I feel like I don’t deserve this role yet, to be honest. I am doing my best to fit these cool guy roles. Of course, it is also challenging, and I got so many things to learn. But I wish I could try funny guy roles someday. It seems more difficult and that it will make my acting more flexible. I would like to try out not only cool guy but any guy, I am willing to try roles of socially undesirable characters as well such as a criminal or a madman.

Well, his wish on playing a funny guy happened via Prison School. Though we have yet to watch him do these “socially undesirable” characters yet.

I like fishing, but there are things that makes fishing such a troubling issue especially when it involves the environment and certain species of fish. Anyway, I like fishing because it’s hunting and I’m a young man and my friends like it too! On the other hand, I like a girl who knows how to socialize, has a sense of humor and can be fun to be with. Since you asked me about my favorite activity, and what type of girl I like…

Compared to Nijiro Murakami who was with Suzu Hirose in a Tv commercial, I find Taishi’s chemistry with Hirose to be more authentic. They have good chemistry together, but if I have to make a choice, it’s a toss between Marie Iitoyo (his co-star in Today’s Kira kun) or Sairi Itoh in My Nickname is Butatchi. 


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