Psycho-Drama Viewers: Where do they come from? + Personal Thoughts

I often ask the question: Who are the viewers of PsychoDrama and more importantly where do they come from? I think its only natural for publishers and bloggers to get interested in their viewers because there will always come a time when these casual visitors become your friends. It has to start somewhere, the friendship. Another important thing is when visitors actually participate in the discussion, it feels like your posts are being validated because people actually read them and react to them.

NeeNee @AAA posted the same topic and wonder about her viewers and that some of them came from Russia, New Zealand and many other places. I also got the same based on my stats and would add the Islamic Republic of Iran, Azerbaijan, Isle of Man and even Afghanistan. Surprisingly at first, but then again Japanese dramas can be considered universal when it deal with family, friendship and romance. Heisui @My Drama Tea also did a post and commented:

One thing that is quite rewarding about being a drama fan & drama blogger is that you get to interact with people from all over the world. At first when I started my blog, I thought I would mainly get views from North America. It turns out though, that my blog gets visitors from many different countries, particularly in South East Asia but also in Europe, South America, and even Africa! O: Yup, drama fans come from all over and it is kinda mind boggling once you really think about it. [ read more ]

There is one specific place that I look for now and then and that is Japan.

It would mean a sort of recognition if people from that place actually visit an English site dedicated to Japanese movies, dramas and anime. So I felt ecstatic when Japan is now at second place from my over-all visitor stats.

Here are the top ten (based on aggregate visits):

1 – United States

2 – Japan

3 – Indonesia

4 – Philippines

5 – United Kingdom

6 – Malaysia

7 – Canada

8 – Singapore

9 – Australia

10- China

About Me: I was born in the Philippines, up in the mountains but also near the sea, so I felt that I enjoyed a lot of things during my childhood. I had a happy one with my Dad and Mom giving me what every young kid wants. I’m especially close to my Mom who cooks delicious Filipino and Chinese food and is a dressmaker. She’s very fashion conscious and love to dress up. I’m the eldest and after me are my twin sisters – they are identical, and until one of them got married, they dress the same, love the same food, enjoy the same movies and are inseparable. My relatives, especially those who don’t visit us often, always get confused on who’s who. Lastly, I would say my Dad is my hero. He was a great provider and he supported us and inspired us and let us know how much he value our family.

I love to study and enjoy getting good grades. In Houston, TX things were tough being new and looking different from some of the locals. But I think the situation tested my resolve and when I started traveling and working in other places, I was able to adjust without much difficulties. I have a degree in Accountancy and I had the opportunity to specialize in some areas like Auditing and Financial Analysis. The knowledge enabled me to find good jobs which took me to places I can only see in maps.

I’ve been to Afghanistan (in Ghazni province) working for USAID and had an AK-47 rifle right beside me in bed because there were always plenty of shootings and fightings outside. The American-Polish base is quite near and there are some pretty horrifying stories there, which I simply cannot say more. One time, I flew in a helicopter with a Russian pilot. We always wear bullet vest whenever going outside.

The Middle East is where I am right now. It’s a pretty conservative place and lots of websites are blocked. I’m lucky that many Japanese sites are not being bothered by the censors, so I am still enjoying the latest news straight from Japanese language entertainment sites.

About the Site and Future Plans: PsychoDrama started more than a year ago – March 2012 to be exact. So it’s quite new and we just celebrated our first year. We just broke the 1,000 unique visitors per day just recently and aims to maintain that number of audience.

The goal right now is to encourage more viewers to participate in the discussion. I used to have Facebook app for my commenting system and many told me to switched to Disqus. I’m so glad that I followed their advise. I’m very happy to say that discussion is now quite active. I really appreciate everyone who posted their comments and react to the articles.

We don’t post all the news – not that we’re selective but we like to feature new, aspiring talents and not so popular movies and dramas. Expanding into Japanese anime was a plan since the site was launched but it took a long time to actually start doing articles.

I think I already talked too much!

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