What’s up with the Kentos? A closer look at Kento Nagayama, Kento Hayashi, Kento Yamazaki & Kento Kaku! [Part 3 of 3 Parts]

This is the last part of our ‘What’s up with the Kentos?’ series, and it’s all about the future. [ As a recap, Part 1 is all about Kento Nagayama and Kento Kaku, while Part 2 puts the spotlight on Kento Hayashi and Kento Yamazaki. ]

Japanese actors rely heavily on their talent agencies to provide direction to their careers – what sort of roles they can do, on what particular genre they can shine and which productions they can be a part of. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most of what they can do depend on their manager. 

At this moment, Kento Yamazaki is reported to be ‘up next.’ It means he’s in the spotlight. After playing intense dramatic roles in movies such as Control Tower and The Wings of the Kirin, most of his recent movies are rom-com, including the upcoming Heroine Shikkaku with Mirei Kiritani. He is also part of the latest asadora “Mare” together with Tao Tsuchiya and most of the young actors featured in morning dramas tend to get more castings right after.

Among the Kentos, he has the most exciting career now, while Kento Kaku seems to be enjoying a resurgence of sorts. Hayashi and Nagayama continue to find notable roles, but it appears to be limited to supporting ones.

After The Cowards, Nagayama had some fantastic drama lead roles – Mosaic Japan and Seijo. He was also in the Nishikido Ryo drama Gomen ne Seishun! But a leading role in a movie is – perhaps – what he needs at this time. His older brother, Eita, praised Kento, and it seems he continues to be under Eita’s shadow. It’s a pity because he knows how to act.

I am not sure if actors in Japan are on a “rotating schedule,” which means they are given roles (most especially in drama) based on a particular checklist. I noticed some actors are quite busy ‘year in year out,’ then they disappear altogether and then re-appear again. Is it because they have to study? Or are they involved in something else? 

I think this deserves a separate article and would need a few research…

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