What’s up with the Kentos? A closer look at Kento Nagayama, Kento Hayashi, Kento Yamazaki & Kento Kaku! [Part 1 of 3 Parts]

According to one statistics, the name Kento is ranked #18 as a popular name choice in Japan. Yuki, Takumi, and Shota were more famous. In the Japanese movie-drama scene, the name Kento is obviously quite known.

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While there are many other actors with the Kento name (good example might be Kento Nakajima), we will focus on four – Kento Nagayama (Eita’s younger bro), Kento Hayashi (quite popular and acclaimed for Dive! Parade and Blazing Famiglia), Kento Yamazaki (one of today’s toasts of the girl-fan community) and Kento Kaku (maybe considered the group’s senior and is coming up with a resurgence in his career).

How they started acting, what are some of their best roles and what the future holds? Who is the best? Who will be the best in the future? Let’s find out!

Kento Kaku (b. July 1989) – Some visitors of the site think we had overlooked Kento Kaku, especially when he also made his acting waves in the drama N no Tame Ni. He is also part of the cast of the TV version of the Junichi Okada movie The Eternal Zero.

While I have seen him in Paradise Kiss in a rather ordinary type of role, I guess the spotlight was not there for him. But Kento Kaku has been acting since 2007 and deserved his set of profile. Is he any good? Fans would certainly argue that it is the case and might mention a few of his work – Tumbling and Asuko March for dramas and Soft Boy and Kamisama Help! for movies. 

In the recent N no Tame ni drama series, Kento Kaku made everyone noticed that he’s back, and he was quite honest about working with the cast:

We have a very harmonious relationship in the set. I don’t talk much during filming, but we have lots of staff, so I find it enjoyable. In the future episodes, the character I’m playing, Ando, will fall in love with Eikura Nana’s character, Sugishita. We will have some romance elements in the drama since we are also approaching the truth of Noguchi murder. I’ll be happy if you watch it!

Kento was also quite philosophical about 2014, saying:

I starred in a morning show of NHK entitled “Hanako to Anne.” It’s the first time I’ve played such role, and it made me grow as an actor. My resonance became better too. My voice wasn’t like this before I went to the countryside and I would like to try the voice of an elderly as well. It’s a very interesting year. “Asadora (morning show) is a different thing.”, I thought. I was really glad and pleased that my grandparents were also in the said show. source – Translation of Walkerplus Interview 2014/11/13 with Kaku Kento by amuseteamph ]

Is he a good actor? Not entirely convinced, maybe because he was typecast. Most of his roles are happy, charming fellows geared toward making comedy (his admission) and I would think his role in N no Tame Ni is a big step forward.

2014 is a good year for the actor – with four drama series and a movie Oh Father! (a supporting role, with Masaki Okada as the lead.)

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Kento Nagayama (b. March 1989 ) is Kento Kaku’s co-star in the sports-coming-of-age movie, Softboys. He is also the younger brother of acclaimed actor Eita. Says the older brother:

“We are close. We are six years apart, so I’ve been looking after him ever since we were little. To me, he’s always the Kento from when he was a baby. Even now, he’s still really cute.”

Eita may have amassed a good number of critically acclaimed movies and drama, but so is his younger brother. From the time he got supporting roles in I’m Flash! Shield of Straw, Hard Romanticker and many others, Kento Nagayama is also grabbing lead roles that also distinguish himself from his older brother. In The Cowards Who Looked Up to the Sky, he played one of his most challenging and demanding roles to date.

In the drama Glass House, he pitted acting talents with Takumi Saitoh and performed more than expected. He was the villain in Crows Explode (the follow-up movie to the Crows Zero franchise, where Masahiro Higashide took the lead) and played matured roles in the drama Mozaic Japan! and Seijo – where he plays the young lover of Ryoko Hirosue.

He has already won a Rookie of the Year trophy from the Japanese Academy for Softboys.

Is he a good actor? Pretty much so. He has shown that whether a role is supporting or lead, he manages to come up with a convincing performance. His roles in Shield of Straw and I’m Flash! were small parts but he managed to steal some of the scenes. He was particularly strong in Seijo as Hirosue’s young lover and the lawyer who represented her during the trials. But the movie The Coward Who Looked Up to the Sky is his best performance to date.

Up next – Kento Hayashi and Kento Yamazaki, and a mention of Kento Nakajima who made waves in the recent movie, Silver Spoon.

How about you? Have you seen Kento Kaku and Kento Nagayama in dramas and movies? Let us know what you think!


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