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Q&A: What do you think of Yuto Nakajima? [The Quora Coverage]

This is our second post for the new Q and A section featuring selected Quora questions that I have answered. I think of these issues as having relevance to what we discuss here, and it confirms my notion that there are people who are so interested in Japanese culture and their actors – notwithstanding the fact that some who have abandoned J-ent for the more popular Korean scene. 

The question is:

My Answer:

Yuto Nakajima is a potential dramatic actor. While he is doing variety shows just like fellow Johnny’s and Associate talents, he is also being groomed to become an actor just like his predecessors Ninomiya Kazunari, Toma Ikuta, Junichi Okada and a lot more.

His performance in Pink and Gray was his best acting yet.

He is still inconsistent depending on the ability of the director to push him to do his best. Sometimes his acting is tentative and sometimes it is authentic and sincere. 

Isao Yukisada has nothing but praises for Nakajima whom he directed in Pink and Gray:

Director Yukisada praised Yuto Nakajima from “Hey! Say! JUMP”, featuring in this film in his debut performance, saying “it really hits home to me during this film that idols are really amazing.” He states the reason for this as “in the film, you see a promotional video and in a mere 15 minutes of footage, Nakajima looked just the part and was almost perfect in every sense. Only the talented idols can appeal to the camera and reach out to the audience without seemingly embarrassed”, he said referring to how Nakajima looked straight into the camera then sang the praises. “he is a match for (co-star) Masaki Suda who is an outstanding actor-the most wanted in the Japanese film industry. They respected each other. Even at the Busan International Film Festival (to which the film was officially entered), they were hanging off each other so much that people would have thought that they were a gay couple and I think that this is one of the reasons that they have achieved a maximum chemistry between them in which that the real-life and film character’s relationships evolve.” [ read more ]


The mention of a gay couple coming from Yukisada, for me, was done without any malice but is purely a praise for the actors. I know how sensitive Idol fans can be.

I have a lot of respect for performers, but I am often quite suspicious of seeing them do more than what they’re capable of. However it may be unappealing to me, the current trend and the demand for a show (or movie for that matter) to rate (get good box office results) is beyond me as an observer. The reality of the situation in Japan is that – the mixture of real actors with idols to produce a high-rating drama show has been proven to be successful. Is it the only successful formula? No, but that’s what most producers want.



Going back to the question, I think he will become an incredibly successful actor in a few years time!


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