Shison Jun cast in live-action Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu

Shison Jun - Basketball movie

Hashire! T Ko Basuketto Bu which translates to Run! T School Basket Club is the latest Japanese live-action movie set for 2018. Cast to play the lead is Shison Jun as Yoichi Tadokoro.

Yoichi is an excellent basketball player who gets bullied at school. In order to avoid further conflicts, he transfers to ‘T School’, thus the movie title. He becomes part of the basketball team and will face his old school in a tournament.

Shison trains with former Japanese player Handa Keishi (Hitachi SunRockers and Toyota Alvark) for 3 months. The young actor recalls playing in high school, but the training keeps him in shape. He believes it enhances the ‘believability’ of the basketball scenes.

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